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The Cannabis Producer Cronos Posts Strong Revenue Growth But A Bigger Loss

Cronos Group reported third-quarter results on Tuesday. The marijuana producer’s revenue grew 186% year-over-year. It lost $0.04 a share, down from $0.01 profits per share. Watch Cronos Group trade live here. The Canadian cannabis grower Cronos Group on Tuesday reported third-quarter results that saw its revenue grow but loss widen. Shares were down as much as 5% in early […]

Is The Stigma Of Cannabis Preventing More Seniors From Using It?

Seniors are among the fastest-growing population of new cannabis users. However, the stigma behind cannabis could be keeping some seniors from getting much-needed relief from chronic pain, as well as sleepless nights. Greg Saweikis is one senior finding relief through cannabis. Since he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2017, he’s undergone rounds […]

The 4 Most Anti-Marijuana States

Although it wasn’t the green sweep that cannabis enthusiasts were hoping for, the recently passed midterm elections turned in a second-best case scenario for the marijuana legalization movement in the United States. Entering Election Night, there were 30 states that had passed broad-based medical cannabis laws, nine of which also allowed adults to use recreational cannabis. Of […]

Weeding Out The Myths of Cannabis

Whether you are pro-cannabis, anti-cannabis or cannabis ‘neutral,’ Jim Hole provides a little bit of a primer on the heritage and character of the fascinating plant. I’ve always been fascinated by the science of plants. It’s the main reason why I studied plant science at university. But during those university days, I didn’t believe that […]

Cannabis Spa Budding Near Carleton Place

Owner hopes ‘canna-complex’ will provide ‘uniquely Canadian experience’ An Ottawa-area man has high hopes to transform a patch of farmland near Carleton Place into a cannabis spa and outdoor grow operation by 2020. Mark Spear, CEO of Burnstown Farms Cannabis Company, hopes that by 2020 visitors will be able to come for the day or stay […]

Where tax dollars from cannabis are going in Manitoba

Global News Reporter Austin Siragusa looks at how pot sales are doing one week later and where exactly taxes generated from cannabis sales are going. After just over a week, cannabis sales have skyrocketed across Canada and in Winnipeg. But with the high number of sales, comes more money into government pockets. READ MORE: Pot sells […]

Lowly Moss-Like Plant Seems to Copy Cannabis

Meet the new weed on the block, perhaps one better suited to medical rather than recreational use. Several hundred million years ago mosses and their kin went one way, evolutionarily speaking, and the lineage of trees and flowering plants went the other. Somehow, in the vast expanse of geologic time that followed, a few members […]

Your Ultimate Province-By-Province Guide For Buying Cannabis In Canada

Here are the general rules, as they stand, for cannabis purchase, possession and consumption in each province and territory of Canada. When legalization begins Wednesday, Oct. 17, the only legal purchasable marijuana will be fresh or dried bud, oil, plants and seeds. The federal government is promising to spend the next year developing regulations around […]

Here’s How Much Cannabis Costs Across Canada

Cannabis is now available to purchase across the country for recreational use, and we’re finally getting a look at how the plant is being priced. The price point has been a hotly debated issue, as four in 10 Canadians have said the price of pot will determine whether they buy cannabis legally. According to the Statistics […]

Edmonton Girl Guide Sells Out Of Cookies In Cannabis Store Lineup

Elina Childs, 9, quickly delivers $120 worth of munchies to the masses. Elina Childs, 9, sold all her Girl Guides cookies in under 45 minutes to people lined up waiting to buy cannabis on Wednesday. (Supplied by Seann Childs) As Edmontonians lined up to buy legal cannabis from retail stores on Wednesday, Elina Childs saw a business opportunity. […]