Here’s How Much Cannabis Costs Across Canada

Cannabis is now available to purchase across the country for recreational use, and we’re finally getting a look at how the plant is being priced.

The price point has been a hotly debated issue, as four in 10 Canadians have said the price of pot will determine whether they buy cannabis legally.

According to the Statistics Canada, on average, the price of pot on the black market was around $6.83 per gram.

Canadians are willing to spend a little more to make sure they get their weed legally — but experts say the price can’t be too high or buyers will stick with the black market.

Michael Amlung, a behavioural neuroscience assistant professor and a faculty affiliate of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research at McMaster University, said his data shows that between $10-$14 per gram is the optimal price for Ontario.

Provinces and territories are responsible for regulating pot sales, and new online shopping sites, both government-run and private, show there is a wide variety of marijuana with a variety of prices. Here’s a look at pot prices across the country:

B.C. –

In British Columbia, cannabis is available online and in government approved private stores. The government-run website offers dried cannabis flowers at $6.99-$16.28 per gram.

For the more expensive ones, you can buy at around $50 for 3.5 grams. You can also get a pre-roll for $4.20.

Alberta –

Private retailers will sell cannabis along with the official AGLC website. Prices range from $9.24-$15.42 a gram, but pot is also sold at $49.99 per 3.5 grams.

You can get a pre-rolled cigarette for $6.64.


Saskatchewan –

Private retailers are allowed to set their own price. Retailer Eden in Edenwold, Sask. told Global News they are selling at $18.99 a gram, which would make it the most expensive province in the country to buy just a single gram. You can buy larger quantities for a cheaper per gram. Retailer Fire and Flower has listed their pot at $13-$16 per gram.

Manitoba –

The province has licensed four stores, which are allowed to sell online or in a traditional storefront. Delta 9 Cannabis is selling online for $12 a gram, but supplies sold out within hours of opening.

Ontario  –

The government-run website is selling cannabis for between $7.95-$13.25 per gram, though an oral spray can cost more than $100.

Private stores are expected to be up and running in April.

Quebec –

Quebec has previously said products will be priced at $5.25 a gram, taxes included. Marijuana will also be available at private retailers.

New Brunswick –

New Brunswick’s official government retailer has listed prices from $8.50-14.99. A joint can cost $7.50 or more. Private retailers are also available.

Nova Scotia –

Cannabis is available from the official government retailer from $6.33-$10.99 for “value cannabis,” $9-$10.98 for “core cannabis,” and $10.99 and above for “premium cannabis.”


Prince Edward Island has cannabis priced from $5.65 and up from government retailers. Private retailers are also available.

Newfoundland and Labrador –

The first province that was able to sell marijuana priced it out at $4.79 for a pre-roll, and the dried flower is selling for $6.89 and up per gram on the online government website. There are also privately owned stores.

Yukon –

Officials told local media that pot will retail between *$6-$20* a gram, but the cheapest variety won’t be available on Oct. 17. The cheapest variety available at the beginning of legalization is expected to be around $8.

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Nunavut –

Private stores approved by the government are allowed to sell in store and online. The only retailer approved for online sales was Tweed, which didn’t list prices.

Northwest Territories –

Along with private retailers, the government’s online store was selling cannabis from $13.13-$17.50 per gram.

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