Online vs Physical Dispensaries

So by now, you’re probably wondering- what’s the difference between an online and a physical dispensary? Well, let us take you on a quick tour around the world of marijuana dispensaries.

Less Variety at Physical Dispensaries

Physical dispensaries are essentially controlled by the provincial government in which they reside. Cities won’t give licenses to physical dispensaries that aren’t officially registered with the provincial government- simple as that. This may not seem like an issue to you, as they still sell weed at the end of the day. Right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While you can still get quality kush from brick-and-mortar dispensaries, you will only ever experience the same weed regardless of what dispensary you go to. This is because all physical dispensaries must get their stock from the official, provincial government-owned farms.

Obviously, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, other than your selection is limited and will ultimately get boring after a couple trips. The stock they carry is limited to only a small range, whereas online dispensaries can grow as much as they like in all kinds of experimental strains.

Better Customer Service Online

It may seem counter-intuitive, but buying online usually means you receive better customer service.

At MJNExpress especially, all of our team are not only general customer service experts, but also marijuana experts. This means you only receive the very best support on any and all issues relating to the process of buying weed online. In physical stores, most staff are only trained in one or the other, meaning it can be more difficult to get your questions answered.

With a team of the very best customer support specialists, MJNExpress will answer all queries quickly and efficiently to ensure you can order the best products for you in the quickest time.

Best Prices

Because physical stores are somewhat government-run, you’ll find it rare that they offer discounts on their products. They offer the same standard products at the same standard prices, all year round. This is fine for consistency, but it means you never get the thrill of going all out and ordering something exciting when you see an email with a great offer inside.

By going through the internet to get weed, you open yourself up to the world of discounts and free shipping!


Physical dispensaries, by nature, require you to brave the harsh weather and take time out of your day to travel to your nearest one. With brick-and-mortar weed stores being few and far between, this often means a large chunk of your day has disappeared to getting your kush fix.

By ordering through our website, the process is made much quicker. You simply browse and buy the products that are right for you, and then they simply arrive a couple days later. Tah-dah! No more trudging through the snow for an hour to get to your nearest dispensary. What a dream.