Here is why YOU should consider buying weed online.

It will only take you 10 seconds (delivery 2-3 days)

Now, here are the three main reasons, we discovered, for why people buy weed online, instead of visiting their local dispensary – then we’ll discuss where to: buy weed online (hint: you can with us too):

  1. You want high-quality weed.
  2. The closest dispensary is too far, or your province doesn’t support marijuana.
  3. You’re looking for a wide selection of THC products.

Admittedly, there is bias, as we are an online Cannabis store. However, we believe that ordering cannabis online comes with many benefits that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

As of October 17th, the government has introduced it’s own online Cannabis stores, these are great places to buy cannabis strains but you are not able to purchase much more.

Mail order marijuana company is defined as a company that mails marijuana, for those in need of the healing benefits. Documented by Harvard University, This means we are able to sell all differen’t kinds of products such as shatter, edibles, vapes and more – various medical uses involve.

  • Appetite stimulants for AIDS patients.
  • Chemotherapy-related relief of nausea and vomiting.
  • Various other treatment-related benefits that other pain medication does not provide.

Beyond the mentioned healing benefits, recent studies have been exploring the ways society can benefit from the legalization of weed for recreational use – we agree with this movement.

If you think ordering weed online is something you’d like to do, simply click this link. Read more about “Cannabis and Health” here if you’re not convinced.

Cannabis online is higher quality,

High-quality strains. We are able to offer much larger quantities of well-known strains. Things like girl scout cookies, grown in BC. Canadian’s know that west coast weed is fresh.

Have you tried “BC Bud”?

Purchasing in the east coast provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Alberta, means you’re picking up dried marijuana that has been sitting around.

Whether you are looking to buy sativa strains online to increase your energy, and take the edge off.

An indica to sink into the couch while you watch your next movie.

Or a little of both, in a hybrid strain.

Ordering marijuana online means it’s fresh every time.

We’ve all been trying to find some weed, only to realize the only weed being sold is brown. Or the flower has been crushed. Yuck!

The best marijuana to smoke is the sticky kind, the one with an aroma that fills the room when you first open the bag.

It’s hard to find the perfect weed anywhere in Canada, your best bet may be the person you know with a cousin from British Columbia. Or maybe your dispensary has an extra expensive kush.

The best part about buying weed online Canadians is that you get the best weed, every, single, time!

Think of how nice it would be to no longer need to smoke the same quantity, and using an online dispensary gives you the ability to do that too!

MJN is a marijuana dispensary and focus on our quality of cannabis and believe it sets us apart from competitors.

Tell us what you think.

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Medical Marijuana Online Canada is the best because it’s cold outside

It’s convenient to know if you order securely online you will receive a discrete package in 2-3 days.

The package will contain everything you can’t get from your closest dispensary.  The best part, you don’t need to leave the house.

We find customers who switch, often cite the ease of ordering and delivery as the main reason for repeat purchasing, so we decided to ask our customers a few questions about buying weed online.

In a recent study we conducted 37% of customers had never considered buying weed online


This lesser known way to smoke weed in Canada is quickly gaining momentum.

To think that almost 1/3 of all Canadians who smoke, still use outdated methods of acquiring weed, we at MJN believe that ordering online, when done securely is at least a 10x better experience.

Let’s face it Canadians, winters are cold. Trudging in snow that has risen to your knees for your next pickup of dried out pot.

There’s no need when your dispensary operates online. The only thing you need to worry about is what you use to smoke it.

Or simply buy edibles and indulge in an entirely different way to consume THC.

We have all of those things, just click here and start buying!

Buying weed online has more selection

Ordering online gives you the ability to purchase a variety of THC products, we offer everything you could possibly want from strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes, our collection is entirely unique.

Other mail order marijuana companies also offer greater selection that in-store competition cannot match. However, our selection goes beyond strains.

Where to buy weed online? MJN Express are a one-stop shop for Canadian’s online. Where-else can you buy this wide a variety of marijuana products?

Buying marijuana online, allows the dispensary more space to collect the necessary products that consumers really need.

Don’t shop around for the perfect strain, the one you had 2 years ago on a camping trip, was that AK-47? Maybe Chemo?

Whatever that perfect strain may be, we’ve got it.

There’s a strong chance the shatter variant is also present on our site.

Marijuana strains

Marijuana strains are the flower. When people discuss smoking weed, they are likely referring to the strain variety.

Experimenting with other ways to consume marijuana is fun, and you may find something you prefer!

For example, have you tried vape pens? They could be exactly what you need to indulge in marijuana more discretely.

Weed vape pen

You could function in everyday life, simply check out our Platinum Concentrate pens

If you want to buy one, you can also look on their Facebook for any offers or new products!

There are few things more relaxing then carrying a vape pen around with you, for those times you really need some weed.

There are times when we have all wanted to have cannabis with us, movies, hikes, you name it.

Vape pens make it possible to consume a variety of different flavoured oils, and some of these taste great!

You can choose between THC, Nicotine, and more. We recommend trying an ‘Indica Dominant’ vape refill.

Buying weed online legal

In Canada we are seeing a shift toward buying cannabis online. People begin to understand the benefits of using mail order marijuana services, physical locations are becoming obsolete.

For those unaware, on July 1st 2018, the Canadian government plan to legalize marijuana.

We are proud to offer medical marijuana online, and other marijuana products for those who truly need it.

We don’t like for users to feel any pressure.

It is obviously an important part of buying weed online.

MJN respect the laws and want only those who need it to have access. That’s why when you want to, buy weed online, we’re a good place to try.

can you buy weed online? As we enter 2018, our hope is that recreational marijuana becomes legal as the benefits are well documented.

Is Canada ready for recreational cannabis?

CBC News recently discussed live on air, the popularity rising in legalizing weed.

It’s our belief that most Canadians are ready!

The whole world is ready!

Are you ready to – buy weed online.

Buy weed online?

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