What are edibles?


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Bringing together recipes that everyone loves, with the medicinal effects of marijuana is what makes consumable THC & CBD products popular among the masses.


Whether you’ve eaten one, seen one, or simply heard of them. Edibles are a popular commodity.


Broken down, they utilize the chemical components that comprise cannabis to provide the same effects through consumption not smoking.


Extremely popular with marijuana enthusiasts who prefer not to smoke and damage their lungs.


They have grown beyond that, and are many peoples preferred way to ‘get high.’


As Cannabis consumption has grown, companies have taken edibles a step further.


Removing the confusion that surrounds THC levels in favour of providing a product that has defined THC and/or CBD levels. This allows consumers no confusion when consuming the product.


Ultimately this protects the safety of the consumer, as edibles are well known for getting users too high.


Many people who try edibles have ended up in hospital, in either the ER or chemical ward. They feel the effects too strongly and have bad experiences.

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To put it simply, THC is the component of weed responsible for making you feel high, and CBD is the helpful component that is believed to posses a myriad of health benefits.


Making edibles on your own often leads to different edibles every time you make them, with a lot of room for error and potentially either extremely low or high THC levels.


While popular, the unpredictability involved when creating edibles in your home has caused many issues.


Edibles as a category of Cannabis have been on the rise, as stigma decreases across the nation.


The problem is, they are also the most likely marijuana product to send the individual consuming it to poison control


So, the question forms itself.


Why would you want to consume edibles?


  1. You are not able to smoke
  2. You don’t like the taste of smoking cannabis
  3. You would like an easier more discrete way to consume cannabis

You are not able to smoke


There are numerous reasons a person cannot smoke, lets discuss a few.


You have previously had an addiction to smoking, and in that case perhaps it’s a slippery slope for you to smoke weed.


Or perhaps you have a condition such as asthma which is worsened through smoking.


Smoking is also not good for a healthy person as it leaves residue in the individuals’ lungs, so you may have made the decision it’s best for your body to avoid smoking.


Smoking has multiple forms:


joints which are thin papers filled with marijuana – resembling a cigarette in form.


Bong rips, which is pulling smoke from a glass tube and known as a popular way to get the most high without using concentrates.


If you’re not able to smoke, why use edibles?


Of course because they are a healthy way to get high, without the side effects that come with inhaling smoke.


Buy edibles online, and be certain that you won’t be overdosing on a bad batch, and having the perfect high every single time.



You don’t like the taste of smoking cannabis


Smoking cannabis has a certain taste. You can feel the smoke in your mouth afterwards.


Overall smoking Cannabis can feel backwards when there is the option to use other methods of intake.


With that said, many people enjoy smoking.


If you use a pipe, bong, or joint – your intake of cannabis is somewhat measurable. The more tokes you take the higher you become.


With other forms of smoking that is not always the case.


Highs vary with edibles, as we have already discussed. This can be a major deterrent when considering which method of cannabis consumption is right for you.


With that said, smoking cannabis certainly has a taste.


Depending on the strain that taste varies greatly, like craft beer, and wine, marijuana offers slight differences in the taste you are left with.


A good example is Blueberry Pancakes which was named after it’s taste, which many claim to resemble…blueberry pancakes!


It takes a touch of imagination but you can truly taste the similarities.


Other strains such as Juicy Fruit, deliver a sweet and fruity after taste. This is delicious and in it’s own right unique.


But perhaps the fruity taste isn’t for you, and you’d rather a stronger taste with your edibles.


If you’re after taste that isn’t weed related then edibles are a great way to go, with chocolaty brownies, lollipops, almost any food you can imagine is possible to create infused with THC.


You aren’t confined by the taste of weed ad the chemical extracts of THC are all that’s necessary to get the high feeling.


So if taste of cannabis turns you off, but the THC and CBD benefits are appealing – then edibles are the way to go.


Some of the tastiest treats infused with THC can be purchased in our edibles section, we have everything from gummies, lollipops, chocolate bars. These have all been taste tested, and we can say that they taste incredible.


Why take a chance trying edibles that aren’t tasty when you can have some of our delicious treats, we recommend you simply order one and try it.


But if making brownies is something you’d prefer to try, we can recommend this incredible recipe, just click here to see how.


Now, for our third MAIN reason

You would like an easier more discrete way to consume cannabis

Smoking weed is, lets face it, a process.


Whether you’re passing a joint, or hitting a bong, there are simply no good ways to discretely smoke weed.


It’s a loud activity, if you have smoke flying through the air there’s nothing discrete about it. Factor in a cough, and the dank smell of bud. It isn’t exactly a discrete experience.


If you’re in public, at a party or a gathering you may wish to more quietly consume cannabis. Edibles are the perfect snack to get you high without being obnoxious about consuming weed.


Where to buy edibles


United States


In the U.S., edibles can be purchased as commercially-packaged products at almost any dispensary where marijuana is sold. Of course, these dispensaries are located in states where marijuana has been legalized. It can also be purchased through online mail order.


If you were to attend local conventions, or any pot-friendly event – you would almost certainly be able to find edibles. Although we can’t speak to the trust factor of buying edibles that aren’t commercially produced with THC % in mind.




MJN Express, are located in Canada and sell edibles online, purchased and delivered to your door in under 3 days.


However, if you were looking to buy them in-store, you may have difficulty as some provinces have outlawed the sale of edibles.


As marijuana laws begin to adapt for recreational use, there is a surprising omission of edibles thus far.


The Cannabis Act, doesn’t even mention edibles specifically and how the situation unfolds is being closely monitored by marijuana enthusiast.


Make them at home


If you have no other option, then make the at home if medicinal marijuana is allowed, we recommend using that as the foundation.


Canada will allow marijuana oils, and that is the perfect way to start making edibles.


The recommended dose of edibles


The right dose of edibles is going to be different depending on the individual who is consuming them, and historically how they react to consuming cannabis.


Some of the main things to consider in the amount of marijuana that can be consumed are.


  1. how often/frequently has the individual used marijuana before
  2. What is their body size, gender and age


If you are an experienced consumer of cannabis, then your tolerance will be higher.


If you are a large body, male in their 20-40’s then you will feel less effects than a smaller individual, or someone of the opposite gender.


Some edible products are manufactured to contain as much as 100 milligrams of THC, and therefore should be used for multiple servings. Other edibles have smaller amounts of THC, such as 5 or 10 mg.

America has defined one serving, in Colorado, one serving is defined as 10 mg of THC.


This is a relatively small amount of THC intended to reduce the risk of overconsumption for new users.


Colorado packaging and labeling requires recreational cannabis products contain no more than 100 mg of THC.


If the package says 100 mg of THC and the product comes in 10 pieces (such as a chocolate bar), each piece will contain 10 mg of THC, or the suggested single serving.

What MJN Express would say is, no less than 3 grams of dried cannabis strains/day, whether inhaled, taken as an edible, or as a combination of both.

Remember to visit MJN Express if you would like to buy weed online, we have edibles for any kind of consumer and we know you’ll be comfortable consuming our edible product line.