Buy Weed Online Ontario

Buy Weed Online Ontario

Ontario has a long history of buying weed. People used to Google “Buy Weed Online Canada,” now everyone knows it’s as easy as visiting websites, like MJN Express. Don’t live in the past, buy weed online ontario.

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From cities like Markham, where we are located. All the way to London and Kingston.


People have begun to utilize Canada Post to send themselves weed for a myriad of reasons.


But before we jump into the online marijuana market, let’s take a look at how Ontario buy weed.


Buy Weed Online Onatrio



Currently, Ontario has a host of private marijuana stores and in anticipation of July 1st, the police force has begun to shut those down.


Private stores across Ontario have experienced forced closures unlike those on the west coast.


The reason stores are being shut down has to do with the government wanting to control marijuana distribution.


On July 1st, Ontario has decided it’s plan is to only sell marijuana through the LCBO.


Fortunately, people in Ontario can still buy weed online, and receive it in only 2-3 days.


“There’s a huge, complex system out there operating in the world that has been delivering excellent product to people at reasonable prices for 40 years now,” says Donald MacPherson, the executive director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.


Mail Order Marijuana has been around for a much shorter period than the store-front counterpart, and risen to prominence in the past few years.


We recently put together this infographic to better showcase what makes buying weed online significantly better than in-store:


buy weed online Canada infographic


Ontario’s decision to close down stores, and allow it to only be publicly sold has people wondering if the government have their best interests at heart.


Just like the hydro and telecommunications companies, this is a classic example of Canadian government limiting the public choices.


MJN Express believe, patients and companies alike should have the right to earn their place, just like any other business, competition is important.


As the government deliberates on the legalization date, it’s uncertain how things will pan out but Ontario has given a firm decision on keeping things public.



We think David Pakman brings a strong look at the situation in his news show released November 2017.


There are many websites that offer different cannabis products, taking payment via Interac, with vacuum-packed product sent across Canada.


Cities like Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, and many others don’t have dispensaries that make purchasing as easy as the west coast.


The cannabis is stale, the product is not very potent, and Ontarians are fed up of buying from dealers.


“The convenience factor” is a reason people buy weed online, says Francois from Quebec City


“It’s delivered to your doorstep. It’s super easy, it’s super discreet.”


Buy weed online, because it is simply better.


Not only more convenient, but higher quality, and a better price!


There are few reasons to not buy weed online if you live in Ontario, and we can’t think of any.


Buying Weed in Ontario 2018


LCBO is only opening shops in 14 cities across all of Ontario.


The list of Ontario cities to have the first recreational marijuana shops:

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Vaughan
  • Hamilton


Toronto Star summarize this split in 1 minute


In a quick summary, LCBO plan to run 150 standalone marijuana stores when weed is finally legalized, and want only Government controlled outlets and websites to be the place that cannabis can be bought.


This won’t become a reality until 2020.


The plan also includes stipulations for driving under the influence of marijuana.


Only 19 year olds and over can buy, consumer or grow cannabis.


One of the biggest parts of the plan is that marijuana can only be smoked in private and not public.


The above stipulations are logical, and a good middle ground to enable the safe consumption of cannabis.


However, until 2020 are purchasers supposed to drive to another city to purchase marijuana?


The plan does not accommodate individuals who live in the smaller cities of Ontario.


Communities like Peterborough, Muskoka, Cornwall, North Bay, Timmins, Niagara and Sarnia were not included in the plan.


If you’re reading this and live in one of those cities, buy weed on MJN Express.


We’ve put a lot of work in establishing distribution to all of Ontario.


Ensuring buying cannabis, is easy and accessible for those who need it most.


The best part, and it’s so good we’ll say it twice, we’ll deliver discretely to you in only 2-3 days!


Buy Weed Online Ontario


Unlike the west coast, if you’re smoking in Ontario you may be looking for somewhere other than your couch.


The ministry of health has allowed medical marijuana users in Ontario to smoke in public.


This doesn’t mean you can pull out a pipe in the movie theatre, or on an evening stroll.


Employer’s and owners are still able to restrict the use of marijuana.


After all, this is a new substance and some people in the public just aren’t ready.


What smoking in public does mean, is that those living in Ontario can consume marijuana if it is needed for a medical purpose.


They can consume the marijuana in a public space if that is necessary, as often it may be depending on what you need it for.


Recreational marijuana Ontario


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Recreational users will have to wait for legalization, but if they need marijuana for medical reasons, we invite patients to try buying weed online first.


Thank you Ontario, and the rest of Canada for choosing us as your #1 mail order marijuana company.


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The future is bright, the future is green, lets smoke weed in 2018!