What is mail order marijuana?

In 2001, Mail Order Marijuana was born.

2001 medicinal marijuana

Health Canada set regulationson when patients could be prescribed medical marijuana.

If a doctor wanted to, they were able to prescribe it.

The patient could then visit a dispensary and purchase cannabis.

Canada’s mentality began to shift and this became the catalyst for mail order marijuana.

The concept is simple, you order weed online, send money to the dispensary and they ship the medical marijuana.

Early forms of mail order marijuana took place when customers shipped money to the dispensary and the dispensary shipped marijuana Canada back to them in return.

What does Mail order Marijuana actually mean?

Eastern Canada cities, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, London. Not only cities in Ontario, but all Eastern provinces.

As dispensaries slowly became established across Canada, mail order weed did too.

Shipping money wasn’t ideal. E-transfers became the standard, and customers began to see the benefits if they buy weed online.

Canada post authorized distributors now offer tips on how to ship marijuana across Canada.

Ensuring the package is discrete, it can’t be smelled and it’s labeled correctly.

While the legality is uncertain, nobody has been arrested receiving mail order marijuana.

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If you live in Canada and have thought, what is the easiest way to get weed?

This is it. Mail Order Marijuana.

If you don’t smoke weed or are curious as to why people do, let us explain 8 benefits to smoking marijuana:

But first, take a look at why you should buy weed online.

buy weed online Canada infographic

  1. Health benefits of medical marijuana

Much has been made of using medical marijuana for health, let us break down the main benefits:

  • Relieve chronic pain that may be holding you back
  • Stimulate appetite in those who need to consume food and may be having difficulty. Including but not limited to individuals with cancer, AIDS, eating disorders, etc.
  • Alleviate muscle spasms in people with multiple sclerosis.

The biggest debate over the health benefits, is what quality of marijuana is necessary for the healing and what part simply makes you high.

The percentages of THC to CBD are what define the difference.

  1. Relaxation with cannabis strains

If you feel that life is stressful, and you could take a break, then marijuana is the ultimate relaxant!

Leafly has a list of cannabis strains grown and lab tested to let your relax.

MJN Express sell these strains on our website

Relaxation has long been the main use of marijuana for recreational users.

We find that many customers work stressful jobs, or have lives, and instead of enjoying a glass of wine.

People prefer to unwind with a small bowl of weed.

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  1. Getting in touch with yourself

Spirituality and weed are yin and yang.

A few factors change the spiritual effects you may feel when smoking weed:

  • Dosage
  • Frequency of use
  • Strain
  • Attitude
  • Mindset

Buddhists use the term samsara

Samsara means that the confused mind of the unresolved ego, can go into the light of day and learn to be gracefully authentic and awakened beings.

Your intention is key.

Often most effective is joining in ceremonial environments like those held by native Americans and using a community to bring your inner self out.

Whether you are into spirituality or not, it’s something every weed smoker can speak about.

  1. Eating food after smoking weed

Your sensations are heightened after you take a puff of marijuana.

The most well-documented sensation is the “munchies”

Known as the feeling a person gets when smoking marijuana to consume food.

Not only is there the urge to eat, which is an extremely helpful benefit to those who need to consume food for health reasons.

But, the food being consumed also tastes much better.

It can turn your average cheeseburger into a filet mignon, taste becomes exaggerated in the most amazing way possible.

It’s not difficult to know the feeling, as once you clear the bowl, you’re instantly craving food.

  1. Increase creativity

If you are looking for the next burst of creativity, let weed give you that raise in consciousness you need.

A 2012 study on consciousness and cognition found that marijuana users used language more creatively.

By testing users when sober, and then when intoxicated with cannabis, tests found low creative reached the level of high creative.

Have you ever had writer’s block?

Smoke some new cannabis strains

It’s the simplest way to get inside your mind and pull the creative juices that are hiding inside.

The statistics speak for themselves, you should turn to herb if you really want to be creative.

  1. Medical Marijuana can kill cancer cells

While billions of dollars are poured into cancer research annually, marijuana is admittedly one of the best solutions we have in 2017.

With the U.S government admitting that cannabis can shrink cancer cells

this official government statement brings legitimacy to the flower’s healing effects.

With only tests on rodents so far, it isn’t a sure thing, but it is certainly believed to be an effective cure.

Many cancer patients worldwide speak to the effectiveness of using medical marijuana, and we have many buying weed from us

In addition to cannabis killing cancer cells, it is also a great remedy for those going through treatment.

Many cancer patients who undergo treatment are required to eat but have loss of appetite as a side effect in their treatment.

When smoking marijuana, loss of appetite is no longer an issue!

Munchies kick-in and cancer patients are able to eat, and actually enjoy eating.

An incredibly vital part of their recovery.

  1. Marijuana is far safer than alcohol

Instead of spending a night drinking, or worse binge drinking, marijuana is a fantastic alternative.

Alcohol is legal, and frequently used by adults both young and old to spend an evening.

While alcohol is actually for more dangerous for your body than weed.

A recent report, by the Washington post, claims marijuana is actually 114 times less deadly than alcohol.

There has never been a reported death from marijuana consumption!

The findings in this report conclude that weed is actually far safer than originally thought.

Order Mail Order Marijuana It Is Safe

These findings may make you think twice about going out this weekend?

Maybe you should just enjoy a bowl of cannabis with your friends.

If you’re going to do that, remember we sell weed 😉

But, most of all, remember that smoking weed whether for medical or recreational use, isn’t all bad.

Open your mind to the possibilities of using a safe and enjoyable drug.

  1. Mail order marijuana is convenient. That’s why people use Online Dispensary Canada.

There is no better case for smoking weed than convenience.

If you want the most hassle free evening, kick-back, order from MJN Express and in 2 days you can enjoy cannabis discretely delivered to your home.

Marijuana never makes you reckless, and you don’t lose your mind.

You get lost in your thoughts, it never changes who you become.

The reason the public have been able to swing the discourse about smoking weed to become about health and enjoyment has benefits.

The biggest benefit is that anybody in Canada can now enjoy the convenience of grocery delivery, but with weed.

We hope you enjoyed our 8 reasons!

If you have any questions, just ask.

We hope you – buy weed online!

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