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Since recreational marijuana became legal in Canada in October 2018, one of the most popular ways to buy it has been through online dispensaries that offer mail order marijuana

Yes, you heard that right- you can buy your weed online, from the comfort of your own home, and have it mailed straight to your door just like your regular post. Sounds perfect! 

While there are a vast array of dispensaries to choose from, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, it’s important to recognize that not all dispensaries are made equal. In this sense, there are still some dispensaries out there that either aren’t legit or just aren’t worth the hassle. 

Here’s a complete guide to some of the best dispensaries in Canada, as well as some tips to buy weed online from an online dispensary. 

Are online dispensaries legit?

In Canada, most online dispensaries are legit. Since recreational marijuana became legal, vendors have been heavily present online as well as in-store because it is much easier for them to set up shop online due to government restrictions surrounding physical dispensaries. 

If you’re buying marijuana for recreational purposes, you can either buy it from an online store that operates in your province (many of which are government-operated), or you can use a mail order marijuana dispensary that operates in the ‘gray area’ of legalization in Canada. 

‘Gray Area’ dispensaries are those that operate online throughout the entirety of Canada and aren’t registered with the government, though the government usually turns a blind eye to their operations as they increase the sale of marijuana in the country in a time when legalization got off to a difficult and uncertain start. 

Many of the best and most notorious online dispensaries in Canada aren’t legal, so it’s usually better to focus on the quality of the dispensary rather than its legality. 

You should still be wary of some online dispensaries, however- buying from ‘gray area’ dispensaries is usually safe so long as you research the dispensary beforehand, but some should be avoided as they’re likely to sell products that are unregulated, unsafe, or likely to find you in trouble with the cops. 

One way to tell whether or not an online dispensary is legit is simply by going to their FAQ’s- most dispensaries will have a question addressing their legality or legitness, and those that aren’t registered with the government usually openly disclose that fact. 

Another way to tell whether an online dispensary is legal/legit is simply by looking at reviews of the store online- if the store has good reviews, and a lot of them, the likelihood is that they’re legit (regardless of whether they’re operating legally or not). If there aren’t many reviews, the reviews are poor, or the reviews seem unusually similar to one another, you maybe want to look for a new dispensary

Is GetKush CA legal?

Whether (formerly known as is legal or not seems unclear, which means they’re likely operating in the ‘gray area’. That being said, they are most definitely legit as is evident from the reviews on this sub-Reddit as well as their high praise in The Chronic Beaver

Despite it being unclear as to whether or not they are government registered, they still follow provincial laws, ensuring that you are of the legal age in the province in which you reside to buy weed online through their website. This, alongside the fact they are a legit dispensary, means it’s safe to buy from them regardless of their exact legal standing. 

Is Peak 420 legit? 

Peak 420 was a legit, well-established online dispensary that operated in Canada for many years. While they were a legit and reliable dispensary with thousands of great reviews to support this, they were unfortunately shut down by the Edmonton police department in 2019. Their website is still unavailable today, meaning you can unfortunately no longer buy weed online from them. 

Is Weedsmart legal? (formerly operates in the ‘gray area’ of legality, meaning that at this moment in time, they are technically not legal. Their previous domain,, was seized by the Edmonton police department recently, forcing them to move to 

Despite this, Weedsmart is still a legit dispensary and considered one of the best weed dispensaries online in Canada

Mail order marijuana being handed to customer

Best Online Dispensaries in Canada 2020

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Dispensary

Whilst some online dispensaries are hailed as being the best in Canada, you still ought to assess the options based on your preferences. Here are some things to consider when choosing a dispensary:

  • Dispensary specialty. Most dispensaries specialize in a certain type of product; look at each dispensary and consider which is best for your needs. 
  • Free shipping. If you’re on a budget, you likely resent paying for delivery. That’s cool! Just be sure to look for an online dispensary that offers free shipping
  • Customer service. Do you have a lot of questions about the product you’re ordering? In which case, choose a dispensary that specializes in top-quality customer service. 
  • Quality of products. Look at reviews of the products you’re likely to purchase before buying them to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your online dispensary experience.

Herb Approach

One of the most commonly praised online dispensary stores in Canada is Herb Approach. They have an extensive range of high-quality cannabis flower strains and have a super secure website that means you can order marijuana with complete peace of mind. 

This is one of the best online dispensaries for a range of product. A simple glance at their website reveals that each form of cannabis that they sell has at least 20+ pages worth of product. If you’re looking to buy a wide variety of cannabis products, they’re a great place to buy online. 

Herb Approach is known for their quick and flawless customer service, meaning they’re a great option for mail order marijuana from an online dispensary Canada. 


BulkWeedinBox is the perfect online dispensary in Canada for those wanting to buy wholesale cannabis products. This means that not only do they specialize in selling bulk cannabis flower, but you can also buy bulk kief, CBD products, concentrates and more from them.

As with the majority of top dispensaries in Canada, they have a secure website and delivery usually takes between 2 to 3 days. They also offer mix-and-match cannabis discounts and currently have up to 25% off vape pens and concentrates. 

BulkWeedinBox is more suited to experienced stoners who know exactly what they want and want the best price for ordering in bulk. They also offer a points and rewards scheme whereby 100 points = $10, meaning it’s great for those looking for an online dispensary to reliably go back to and get mail order marijuana from every time. 

The Grow House

The Grow House is a relatively new online dispensary in Canada offering a mail order cannabis subscription package in which buyers can get a monthly delivery of 14grams-5oz of AAAA classified cannabis. 

This is a pretty new concept, as most online dispensaries don’t offer this method of buying. Each subscription box is filled with four different strains of cannabis, and the first box ordered also contains a grinder and rolling papers to get users off on the right foot. 

This method of ordering cannabis products is perfect for those looking to broaden their horizons and gain more experience with a large variety of strains, or those of you who are bored of smoking the same strains every time you order. Buyers can also choose whether they get a mix of Indica and Sativa dominant strains, 50/50 mixes, or solely one or the other. This means there shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when your package arrives!

The Grow House is a fairly new dispensary, but their reviews are already through the roof. This is definitely one to watch out for!

Final Thoughts

Essentially, you shouldn’t worry too much as to whether an online dispensary is operating legally or not, but instead whether they’re a legit operation. To recap, here’s what to look out for when looking for a legit online dispensary Canada:

  • Check the FAQ’s to see whether or not they address their legitness
  • Look at a wide variety of reviews across the internet to ensure they’re legit and high quality
  • Don’t buy from dispensaries that don’t have secure websites and payment methods

The top and bottom of it is research. There are plenty of great dispensaries in Canada, many of which are considered the ‘best’. At the end of the day, the best one you can buy mail-order marijuana from is the one that matches your preferences whilst offering high-quality products and a smooth ordering process. 

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