Best Weed in Canada 2020

Buying weed in Canada is now easier than it ever has been, given the rise of the online dispensary. Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana or just looking to experiment with strains, there’s something out there for everybody.

Some smokers are happy just to shop around for weed and take whatever has the friendliest prices- but for those of you looking for top quality cannabis, here’s a guide on the best strains in Canada in 2020.

Mail Order Marijuana

What is Mail Order Marijuana? Well, it’s literally what it sounds like- cannabis that you buy online and have shipped to your house. Nowadays, this is best way to access cannabis products as it’s quick, easy, and simple.

Why shop online?

  • Best weed is available online only
  • Variety of strains
  • Cheaper
  • Easily see reviews before you buy cannabis
  • Free, discreet shipping
  • The best customer service

Well, first thing’s first, the best weed in Canada is most definitely online. Due to the fact that most online dispensary stores aren’t officially approved or registered with the government, they usually don’t abide by provinical laws regarding the growing of marijuana.

This is a benefit to stoners across Canada as it means they usually offer a much wider variety of cannabis strains, and at much cheaper prices thanks to their ability to grow more product.

Buying weed online is also great as you can see reviews for each strain at each online dispensary before you order. This means no nasty surprises, as you know exactly what to expect based on other people’s experiences with the strain. It also means that the highest quality cannabis is easily sought out, rather than having to be recommended by a sales person in a physical dispensary.

Ordering marijuana online also often means free shipping, and as the cannabis is always packaged discreetly, there’s no need to worry about carrying weed home awkwardly on public transport as there is with visiting a brick-and-mortar dispensary. It also means you can put your mind at ease about the potential for your cohabitants to know and judge what you’ve ordered online!

It seems somewhat counter intuitive, but you’ll usually find the best customer service in the industry from online dispensaries as opposed to a physical marijuana dispensary. This is usually down to the fact that online dispensaries will purposefully people who lie at the intersection between being experts in customer relations and experts in marijuana.

Cannabis Strains Terminology

When reviewing different strains of cannabis, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, and what we’re talking about. Here’s a short glossary to get you in the know.

  • Terpenes- oils within the cannabis that carry flavors and smells; this is the reason why there are so many flavors on the market
  • THC- the psychoactive chemical within cannabis
  • CBD- non-psychoactive chemical compound in weed that has found to be beneficial for medical and wellness purposes
  • Medical marijuana- cannabis used exclusively for its beneficial medical properties

Best Strains in Canada 2020

Obviously what one person might consider one of the ‘best’ strains of the year will differ to another person, as all strains are experienced differently by each individual, and not everybody wants the same effects out of their cannabis consumption. However, these are some of the most popular and best online strains in Canada so far in 2020.

Blue Dream

The Blue Dream strain is the most popular strain of the year thus far, according to Leafly. It’s a sativa and THC dominant strain with an almost undetectable amount of CBD present, making it pretty energizing. People smoking this strain have overwhelmingly reported feeling happy and incredibly creatively driven, making it a great strain for when you want to really get stuff done whilst still being high.

This strain’s terpenes are mainly herbal, and it also has a berry scent. It’s considered a high THC strain, meaning it will get you pretty high! However, this makes it an ideal medical marijuana as the intense high reportedly makes pain dissolve fairly quickly and easily.


GG4 is fast on its way to overtaking Blue Dream as Canada’s favorite this summer. With a hard-hitting high that’ll leave you feeling like you can’t move (in the best way possible), this is the perfect hybrid strain for those looking to get that extra bit baked during the 2020 era of staying at home.

It’s terpenes are largely pepper based, with an average of 20% THC content and a tiny amount of CBD. A vast majority of users report feeling relaxed and happy with this strain, with quite a few also claiming it makes them pretty sleepy. It’s perhaps less helpful for pain than Blue Dream, but is apparently pretty good for stress relief, making it the perfect strain to smoke up after coming home from work on a Friday evening.

Blueberry Widow (or Blue Widow)

Another high THC content strain, the Blueberry Widow is a classic with its distinctive blueberry aroma. Falling into the similar trend as the other most popular strains of 2020 in Canada, Blue Widow has its users feeling overwhelmingly happy and euphoric. It’s a head-strong high that’ll help you bliss out to the max during these stressful times.

One thing to note about the Blueberry Widow is that a majority of its fans report feeling super sleepy after smoking it, so be warned that this isn’t one to get the party going. This is, however, great news for those of you looking for a strain that will help with sending you to dream land at night. Because of this, it’s been known to be a great strain for painkilling, as well as alleviating mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

It isn’t strictly recommended as a medical strain, though undoubtedly holds many benefits that those looking for a strong medicinal strain are usually looking for from their bud.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer has been a favorite for around 25 years now both in Canada and across the world, and rightly so. Hailing from the Netherlands, it was named after author and famous cannabis activist Jack Herer. The strain is dominant in sativa, and has a fairly fruity terpene profile. Another creative strain, this one is perfect for uplifting your mood and motivating you to do something worthwhile while you’re stuck at home.

Hailed as a great medicinal strain, this one is great for stress relief and relief from depression, leaving users feeling content and creative. It has a fairly average THC content of around 17.5%, and is strongly energizing. Jack Herer is the perfect strain for putting some music on, taking a hit, and getting round to doing that project you promised yourself you’d do throughout the whole of lockdown in 2020.


If you’re looking for a strain heavier in CBD, Cannatonic is definitely worth taking a look into. It has a mostly herbal terpene profile, with 10% CBD and 5.5% THC. This is one of the best popular 2020 strains for those looking for a medicinal marijuana that won’t simply dissolve feelings of pain, but will actively work to reduce the source of pain too. The relatively low THC content of this strain means you’ll feel a nice little buzz as opposed to feeling zonked out, which is great for those who need to smoke and still be able to go about their day as usual.

As with most CBD heavy strains, Cannatonic makes users feel super relaxed as the CBD balances out any potential anxiety or paranoia inducing effects in regular marijuana. Most users report an overwhelming relief in pain, as well as strong anti-inflammatory properties which make them feel more comfortable for hours after the high has worn off.

If you’re looking for a strong high, this definitely isn’t the strain for you. But if you’re looking for a little morning buzz to take the edge off or use as pain management for the day ahead of you, it’s perfect.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, there is no definitive best cannabis in Canada in 2020. As everybody’s preferences differ, it’s virtually impossible to ever declare one strain as the best or outright most popular. The strains listed in this article are simply some of the most highly acclaimed from across the internet in 2020. If you’d like to dig deeper into different types of marijuana, turn to the customer service at your favored online dispensary, as they’ll be able to point you in the direction of a strain well suited to you individually.

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