Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. Adults in Canada may now buy, carry, and share up to 30 grams of dried cannabis at a time, and the market is expected to reach $28 billion by 2024. Under the new laws, Canadian residents can even grow marijuana at home. But rollout of the new laws has not been without confusion and complications, and many Canadians are finding it easier to buy weed online.

Cannabis laws vary by location; in some provinces, public consumption remains illegal, but others allow you to smoke weed anywhere you can smoke tobacco, except for places where children are present. Many hotels are already smoke-free, which applies to cannabis as well. And driving under the influence of cannabis or any other drug is illegal in Canada.

In most provinces, you must be 19 to buy, possess, and consume cannabis, and sharing with minors is illegal. Every province has a website that outlines its specific cannabis laws and regulations. Make sure you understand the laws where you live to avoid fines or other penalties.

With cannabis sales and distribution, many locations throughout Canada have been slow to establish brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries. The number of retail stores is expected to grow, but options are limited in many places.

Until earlier this year, delays and changing plans meant that no retail pot shops had opened in Ontario. When stores finally opened, only 10 of the planned 25 stores were issued a license to operate.

Patrons in Ontario and other locations may still encounter shortages when attempting to shop at brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Stores in Ontario are allotted only 25 kilograms of cannabis products per week, while stores in Alberta that receive 13 to 16 kilograms per week often sell out on the same day, forcing customers to wait another week for a new shipment.

A Better Solution: Buy Weed Online

With so many obstacles to buying weed locally, no wonder many Canadians are buying weed online. But this raises its own questions. Are online dispensary Canada safe? What kind of products can you buy online? And how do you know if the website can be trusted? They must be government operated.

Keep in mind, you may want to consult with a doctor or naturopath to determine how marijuana can best help with your medical needs. Studies suggest that marijuana can help manage nausea and weight loss, relieve symptoms associated with PTSD, help with tremors related to Parkinson’s disease, and ease pain related to fibromyalgia, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions that cause chronic pain.

medical marijuana

Benefits of Online Dispensaries

In addition to a well-stocked inventory, online dispensaries typically offer a broader product selection. Whereas brick-and-mortar dispensaries may offer only strains, online dispensaries often sell additional cannabis products, including concentratesedibles, and vapes. By experimenting with different forms of consumption, you may be surprised to discover what works best for your needs and your lifestyle.

Online dispensaries also typically offer the benefit of a fresher, higher quality product. With a retail store, there’s no telling how long the product spent in transit or sat on a truck. But by ordering from an online dispensary, residents in east coast provinces can get weed from British Columbia delivered straight to their door in just a few days.

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Are Online Dispensaries safe?

If you decide to buy weed online, do your research. It is safe to order cannabis online as long as you purchase from a trusted retailer. Take your time to read customer reviews and compare different retailers. With so many online dispensaries in the market, it’s worth taking the time to find one with whom you can establish a trusted, long-term relationship.

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