What You May Not Learn at Your Local Weed Store Unless You Bother Asking – How to Store Your Weed Properly

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What You May Not Learn at Your Local Weed Store Unless You Bother Asking – How to Store Your Weed Properly 1

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What You May Not Learn at Your Local Weed Store Unless You Bother Asking – How to Store Your Weed Properly

Are you making one too many weekly trips to the local weed store and feel like you’re spending too much money? Do your joints smell funny, or not at all? Are you unsatisfied with the potency of your weed? Here’s what you might be doing wrong. 

It’s often the case that people blow through a lot of weed because they simply aren’t storing it properly. Bad environmental and storage conditions lead to bad buds. And bad buds simply won’t have the desired effect. 

If you plan on buying your weed in bulk, perhaps by ordering online, you should learn what it takes to store your weed long-term, not the least since the legal carrying limit on your person is just 30 grams, if you’re to avoid wasting your money and give your favorite weed store an unfavorable review for no reason.

How to Store Weed Long Term

Why is it important to be extra careful with how you store your cannabis? – Because cannabis bulbs are very sensitive and require a set of specific conditions if they’re to maintain their quality and resin integrity. 

Treat your cannabis buds as you would any other moisture, heat, and light-sensitive food that’s supposed to be stored in a cool, dark place.

Light can do a lot of damage and considerably degrade the THC content. Too much light can also warm up the packaging, which could lead to mold developing. 

Storing weed is all about maintaining the ideal relative humidity range of 55 to 62%. In this range, mold won’t be an issue and the potency of the buds, as well as their flavour, will remain fresh for months to come.

You would also be surprised at how many people stick their bags of weed in the fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, that’s a very bad decision on their part. Just ask any guy or gal working at a weed store

Just because something needs to be stored in a cool, dark place doesn’t mean that you should put it in the fridge/freezer. 

You could probably blame the popular belief of storing coffee in the freezer for that, which has been proven wrong. 

Moisture will develop from the condensate every time you get it out. It’s even worse for cannabis, as freezing temperatures can cause the buds to lose their potency. 

This happens because very cold temperatures can burst the trichomes, one of the main sources of terpenes

Storage Options

There are plenty of ways to store the buds you get at your favorite local or online weed store. Mason jars are among the top fan favorites since you can get them virtually anywhere and they don’t cost much. But, you might want to put something over them or paint the glass opaque.

Regardless of what storage container you have in mind, whether it’s a jar, food container, or anything else, it’s important to check the integrity of the rubber or silicone seals. 

If it’s not equipped with any sort of seal, it’s probably not a suitable container. 

You’ll want to make sure that the moisture remains constant under fluctuating exterior temperature.

You should also know that the best way to store weed is always going to be in a weed humidor. If you have one, use it. If you don’t, consider investing in one. 

They’re not always cheap and you may not find them easily at a weed dispensary, but they’re worth the investment in most cases.

Vacuum seal bags or humidity packs are great alternatives, particularly for lots and lots of weed. If you’re thinking of how to store weed without smell, here’s a cheap solution for you. 

These bags are cheap compared to a proper wood humidor and should help maintain the freshness of cannabis buds for a few months.

A Few Tips on Picking Your First Humidor

You should keep in mind that there’s still a shortage of weed stores across Canada since the legislation has only recently gone into effect and there’s a great deal of delay to obtain licenses in various provinces. 

With that in mind, you don’t have to settle for the first batch of humidors you see on display. There’s nothing stopping you from buying your weed online in Canada and your humidor from somewhere else.

Here are some important things to look for. First of all, despite the multiple humidor materials, including metal and acrylic glass, wood is considered the option by far. 

Mahogany or cherry wood offers superior moisture-wicking properties and the exclusion of any scented oils that can get absorbed by the buds.

Even better if you can inspect a humidor before you buy it. Check the seal to make sure that it’s airtight. Not so much to contain weed odor but to ensure that it has proper humidity and moisture control. 

Lastly, don’t assume from the start that you’ll always need a humidor. If you’re a casual consumer, and you don’t make daily trips to the local weed store, then it’s unlikely that you’ll need one. 

A humidity plastic bag might be more than enough. Usually humidors are used to store large amounts for months at a time.

On top of that, keep in mind that while you can buy as much weed as you want now in Canada, you can’t carry around more than 30 grams on your person. 

Therefore, the safest way to acquire large quantities would be to purchase your weed online. If not, it’s unlikely that you have enough to fill a quarter of a humidor anyway. 

Weed Storage Guidelines Recap

  • Avoid cedar wood
  • Don’t use see-through containers
  • Check seal integrity
  • Never freeze your stash
  • Maintain humidity levels of between 55% and 62%

Can You Get All Necessary Accessories from Stores Like the OCS?

If you’d rather not repurpose your food containers, just ask yourself: where’s the closest weed dispensary near me? Go to your local store and grab one or more of the specialized containers in the catalog. 

These are usually specifically designed to maintain moisture and preserve cannabis freshness, as opposed to regular food-grade containers that may have been manufactured to looser requirements.

If you live in Ontario, the Ontario Cannabis Store, or OCS, is the highest-rated Ontario weed store. It’s also a Crown corporation, which makes it a government-run vendor. 

The only kind that can legally operate in Ontario.

Among the various strains and joints on sale, you’ll also find humidity packs and one of the best humidors on the market, courtesy of Ryot. 

That’s a pricey humidor but it has two storage dividers, two keys, a no-spill filter, and a beautiful walnut finish. Of course, that’s just one way to store your weed. 

Expert Tips You May Not Get at Your Local Weed Store

Don’t bother using a tobacco or cigar humidor to store your weed. You’ll notice that reputable dispensaries like the Ontario Cannabis Store don’t sell tobacco humidors to store your weed. Why? – It’s because the majority of tobacco humidors are made from cedar wood. 

Cedar wood and marijuana buds don’t go well together. The oil from the wood can seep into the flower and eventually affect the flavor and potency. This phenomenon is known as altering the terpene profile.

You should also think twice before trying to add moisture to your buds as you would your rolling tobacco. Also, using fruits inside a mason jar to rehydrate cannabis buds is generally considered a bad idea. 

Unlike tobacco, cannabis buds attract a lot more moisture and at a much higher rate, which could actually lead to the formation of mold and a drastic change in flavour.

Last but not least, if you enjoy searching for the nearest marijuana dispensary on a daily basis, do spend some time and chat with the folks who are handling your weed. 

Ask them how to store weed without smell, or how to store your weed in general. This information may not always be volunteered.

Although the general guidelines in this article still apply, some strains may be even more demanding in terms of environmental needs. 

The people at the weed store should have a bit more knowledge, at least in comparison to you, and they might be able to provide assistance. 

How to Buy Your Weed

Before shopping at any weed store, retail or online, you should keep in mind that no matter what you use to store your weed at home, it won’t do the buds much good if they haven’t been cured properly. 

This is just one of the many reasons to buy your weed from reputable vendors and growers. Curing is such an essential step in the production of good cannabis for consumption. 

Although the process is arduous, boring, and time-consuming, it is necessary to improve the potency of the end product, the flavor, mold resistance, and so on.

If you buy poorly cured cannabis, you’ll notice it as soon as you smoke it. The flavour will seem off, and the potency just won’t be there.

 Even if you’re equipped with the best way to store weed, as in a high-end humidor, you won’t be able to improve the quality of the bulbs. 

They may also degrade rapidly even when kept under exceptional environmental conditions.

Now You Know How to Store Weed Properly

This article touches on everything you need to know about how to store the weed you got from the Ontario weed store, the best weed store Toronto and the rest of Canada have to offer. 

Unfortunately, the quality of the buds doesn’t depend solely on what you keep them in.

For perfect storage, the journey goes all the way back to the grower’s crop. How the plants are grown, treated, pruned, processed, cured – all of that matters and will determine the subsequent effectiveness of your favorite storage accessory. 

Remember to always dig up some info on your favorite or neighborhood weed store to have an idea about the quality of the inventory. 

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