Where tax dollars from cannabis are going in Manitoba

Global News Reporter Austin Siragusa looks at how pot sales are doing one week later and where exactly taxes generated from cannabis sales are going.

After just over a week, cannabis sales have skyrocketed across Canada and in Winnipeg.

But with the high number of sales, comes more money into government pockets.

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Currently, 75 cents per gram goes to the province, while 25 cents goes to the federal government, along with a Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries markup, and GST.

But there could be more on the way.

“Come January, there will be an additional six percent cultural social responsibility levy that’s gonna be put in place,” said Delta 9 Cannabis spokesperson Al Roney.

One week after legalization, cannabis sales remain high

The cultural social responsibility levy will include more education for consumers about the risks of cannabis, which Todd MacKay with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said would be beneficial.

“The numbers look big, but we have to be very very careful here.” MacKay said.

“The government is going to have a lot of expenses on this, too. There will be a lot of enforcement to make sure the roads are safe.”

This past weekend police set up a check stop, and conducted two tests for drivers suspected of driving high. Both drivers failed.

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