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Weekly Cannabis Report: Mexico And U.S. Moving Closer To Pot Legalization

Cannabis stocks experienced a volatile week as gains from U.S. legalization and Sessions’ resignation were erased by Friday. Three U.S. States (Michigan, Missouri, and Utah) legalized marijuana and cannabis foe Jeff Sessions resigned as the Attorney General. Mexico’s incoming government proposes a new bill to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis on a national level. Welcome […]

Weeding Out The Myths of Cannabis

Whether you are pro-cannabis, anti-cannabis or cannabis ‘neutral,’ Jim Hole provides a little bit of a primer on the heritage and character of the fascinating plant. I’ve always been fascinated by the science of plants. It’s the main reason why I studied plant science at university. But during those university days, I didn’t believe that […]

10 Things You Will Learn Working In A Cannabis Dispensary

It’s just cannabis, right? How important can something affectionately referred to as “wacky-tabbacky” be? In my case, very. In 2015, I nearly died from a vitamin B12 deficiency (because that’s a thing), which catapulted an evil disease called fibromyalgia into the center of my world ― and then totally imploded it. I was completely debilitated […]

Where tax dollars from cannabis are going in Manitoba

Global News Reporter Austin Siragusa looks at how pot sales are doing one week later and where exactly taxes generated from cannabis sales are going. After just over a week, cannabis sales have skyrocketed across Canada and in Winnipeg. But with the high number of sales, comes more money into government pockets. READ MORE: Pot sells […]

Toronto Airport Says Cannabis Trash Cans Are Not ‘Free Weed’ Bins

Toronto’s Pearson Airport has an important message for would-be stem-pickers: The weed there is not up for grabs. Last week, Canada legalized recreational cannabis, becoming the second country in the world to formally do so. While cannabis is legal within Canada, however, it is illegal to transport it across the country’s borders. To address this, Pearson Airport set up […]