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10 Things You Will Learn Working In A Cannabis Dispensary

It’s just cannabis, right? How important can something affectionately referred to as “wacky-tabbacky” be? In my case, very. In 2015, I nearly died from a vitamin B12 deficiency (because that’s a thing), which catapulted an evil disease called fibromyalgia into the center of my world ― and then totally imploded it. I was completely debilitated […]

Make Mine A Glass Of Cannabis Wine, Thank You

Are you an interpener, a budtender or just a cannasseur? Do you go for indica or ruderalis? How do like your trichomes? Would you give Dad a cannador, or marry a weed sommelier? Do you read Weed Spectator? The jargon of America’s now-booming marijuana industry took a boost this week as Canada became the first G7 nation to legalise cannabis nationwide. […]

Police Officers In Canada Will Only Be Able To Smoke Marijuana In These Four Cities

This will be a sight to see. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada is only days away. But still the federal, provincial, and municipal governments are scrambling to prepare a new legal code that will immediately come into force on October 17th. ALSO READ: If Brett Kavanaugh Were A Nominee In Canada, He Would Probably Have Been […]

Demand For New Cannabis Stock Heats Up

When it comes to cannabis stocks, the public can’t get enough. After years of challenging access to capital, 2018 has seen a remarkable improvement for U.S. cannabis operators. In the summer, two leading companies went public, MedMen and Green Thumb Industries. Both stocks have performed well, and each of the companies has subsequently priced secondary […]

How Legal Marijuana Will Work In Your Province

Recreational cannabis in Canada will be governed by a patchwork of provincial policies after federal legislation takes effect on Oct. 17. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the rules: Ontario Age of legal consumption: 19+ Sales: Government-run online-only through the Ontario Cannabis Store until April 2019, then privately-run storefronts Grow your own? Four plants per residence Where am I […]

Online Dispensary, shifting how Canadians consume marijuana

Legalization of recreational marijuana has altered the way people consume their weed.   Many believe the days of lighting & smoking joints and pulling bong rips are coming to an end.   Instead, they believe the future of marijuana consumption lies in the form of edibles, vaporizers and concentrates.   CBD products such as soaps, make-up and […]