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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Most Chic Cannabis Accessories Under $100

665 viewsNov 23, 2018, 11:59pm Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Most Chic Cannabis Accessories Under $100 Because smoking cannabis is too pretty to hide anymore.LAUNDRY DAY Cannabis retail has hit new highs. The degree of creative design going into new accessories, from smoking utensils to cannabis-concerned housewares, is increasing almost as fast as new ideas […]

Ontario Marijuana Buyers Are Canada’s Grumpiest: Ipsos Poll

Cannabis buyers in Ontario are the least likely to say pot has been easy to buy after legalization, and most likely to be unhappy about delivery times of online purchases, an Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News shows. Respondents in Ontario were second-most likely to say that they hadn’t tried to purchase, after B.C., (which […]

Cannabis Companies Are Paying Federal Taxes In Cash And It’s Giving The IRS A Headache

Marijuana is now legal, in one form or another, in 33 US states and the District of Columbia. To the federal government, pot is still a drug classified no differently than heroin or cocaine. Yet cannabis businesses are still required to pay federal taxes. (More taxes than most, as Quartz’s Ephrat Livni pointed out last year.) The government collected an […]

Weed Woes: Canada Struggles to Meet Huge Demand for Legal Cannabis

Numerous stores dealing with empty shelves and disgruntled customers, with fears many consumers will turn to the black market. When Trevor Tobin opened one of Canada’s first legal cannabis stores last month, he had high hopes of playing a small part in a historic national experiment – and of making a tidy profit. Brimming with […]

Canada’s Cannabis Industry new look

The report, which was published earlier last week, indicates that Health Canada has issued licenses to major cannabis producers that have “longstanding ties” to mobsters, including the “powerful” Montreal crime family the Rizzutos. But investigators  — Radio-Canada’s French-language news program Enquête – have so far refused to reveal the companies and the people involved. Nevertheless, the […]

Weed on ballot in 4 states; Cannabis shortage in Canada

Legal pot is poised to spread further across the country this Election Day, with millions of voters casting ballots that could roll back marijuana prohibition in two states and expand access to medical cannabis in two others. In North Dakota, voters may approve what would be the nation’s most permissive recreational marijuana laws, allowing adults […]

Cannabis Spa Budding Near Carleton Place

Owner hopes ‘canna-complex’ will provide ‘uniquely Canadian experience’ An Ottawa-area man has high hopes to transform a patch of farmland near Carleton Place into a cannabis spa and outdoor grow operation by 2020. Mark Spear, CEO of Burnstown Farms Cannabis Company, hopes that by 2020 visitors will be able to come for the day or stay […]

Make Mine A Glass Of Cannabis Wine, Thank You

Are you an interpener, a budtender or just a cannasseur? Do you go for indica or ruderalis? How do like your trichomes? Would you give Dad a cannador, or marry a weed sommelier? Do you read Weed Spectator? The jargon of America’s now-booming marijuana industry took a boost this week as Canada became the first G7 nation to legalise cannabis nationwide. […]

Pot Is Now Legal In Canada. These Are The Stocks To Watch

  New York (CNN Business)Recreational marijuana is legal in Canada as of Wednesday. And investors seem to have the munchies for cannabis stocks. Shares of Canadian cannabis companies Canopy Growth (CGC), Cronos (CRON) and Tilray (TLRY) — which trade in the United States — have soared in the past week — and all year for that matter. […]

Marijuana Is Now Legal in Canada. Here’s How It’s Going So Far

Canadian adults may now own 30 grams or grow 4 plants. As of now, marijuana is legal for adults to own and use recreationally throughout Canada. Other than Uraguay, it’s the first nation to make recreational cannabis use legal. Here’s what Canadian legalization looks like so far. A national celebration. In Toronto, a huge crowd […]