9 Best Weed Youtube Channels

Read this to see the best YouTube videos and channels, you didn’t know you were missing.

We break down the best weed youtube channels because as a mail order marijuana company, we’ve seen them all. Read it until the end, you’ll be surprised!


Marijuana Man


Marijuana man enjoys smoking marijuana, as his name implies.


With a hilarious love for marijuana, he spreads his opinions around online.


We are sure Marijuana Man would buy weed online, or use some sort of mail order marijuana service.


We don’t want to spend too much time discussing Marijuana Man’s enthusiastic approach for filmmaking.


Let’s let him show you how to smoke form a bong, if that’s something you’re interested in:





RuffHouse Studios


Ruffhouse studios provides real value for stoners everywhere, and those who use marijuana for medical purposes.


Edibles are hard to come by in Canada, and RuffHouse have an entire playlist dedicated to recipes.


These recipes will be sure to keep you in your chair, seriously, you won’t move.


They are delicious, we recently tried the fudge ourselves.


Don’t take our word for it, check them out!



If you need the weed to go in the edibles, or want to skip the baking part entirely and buy edibles, visit our store




Strain Central


Busting myths and reviewing strains, there are few youtubers who know exactly how we feel.


Josh from Strain Central understands the life of a weed enthusiast, aka stoner.

From strain reviews that give brief histories behind the origin of certain cannabis strains.


To factual and fun, myth-busting videos that target the wives-tales that have surrounded marijuana for years.


We love this video, because everyone always says “holding hits gets you higher!”


We’ll let Josh take it from here:



As we are halfway through, we’d like to show you a video we made!


Buy Weed Online Canada


How to buy weed online in 3 seconds.


It’s not great, but we stand by it, and maybe it’ll help you buy weed online




Haley 420


This girl doesn’t mess around.


She simply has no idea what it means to chill out and hit a bowl.


If you know dude perfect, she is the marijuana smoking equivalent.


Way better looking, and her tricks are weed related, but you know what we mean.


Taking down a 10-foot volcano vaporizer bag….no problem


Smoking a $300 marijuana cigar…she’ll do the whole thing


Attempting 100 HITS…PLEASE haley, stop.


But, to be honest, we love her aggressive style of smoking.


We are not alone, 800,000 of her subscribers feel the same way.


Without further ado, here is Haley attempting a half gram dab!




Bubbleman’s world


Unlike those before him, Bubbleman is bit more low-key


He has 69,000 loyal subscribers, and he has been producing videos for a long time.


Not putting the same production quality in, but bringing a real touch to an otherwise crazy arena of weed smokers.


There’s something relaxing and down to earth about watching his videos.


If you’re smoke buddy isn’t around, turn on Youtube and smoke one with Bubbleman




Custom Grow 420


With 1.4 million subscribers, Custom Grow is the Post Malone of Youtube’s weed scene.


He smokes up, like he was sitting at your dinner table.


Or your garage.


It’s like that one friend who has 5 groups of friends who smoke but none of those groups know each other, so he continues to smoke with new people and never takes a break.


The production quality is low, the chill factor is extremely high.


This man knows mail order marijuana, and he definitely knows to buy weed online.


Let him and Harry tell you 10 different ways to get high with weed, while high on weed.



Green House Seed Company


Green House Seed Company focus on quality content, that centers around marijuana.


They interview cancer patients, billionaires, and travel the world.


Their unique showcases on the various ways weed is used both culturally and geographically is eye opening.


If you enjoy documentaries, and enjoy smoking weed, then go get a snack and enjoy.


Maybe two snacks, who are we kidding you’re going to want a second.


Here is a documentary of an expedition through Jamaica to find the source of Cannabis Strains.




Silenced Hippie


The silenced hippie is an authentic, marijuana enthusiast who is sharing her passion.


This channel is small enough that there is a genuine connection between fans and creator.


While bringing the kind of videos that you can spend hours watching.


Let Sasha’s endearing personality put you in a trans, while she talks about things that would be a lot less interesting if told by anyone else.






For us, Drugslab is #1, and the reason is simple.


Drugslab has taken previously taboo content, and made it accessible for the masses.


They consume many kinds of drugs, and let viewers see an accurate portrayal of the effects


Their openness, high production value, and genuine knowledge have likely helped thousand either avoid or safely consume drugs.


Drugs that often can bring serious health benefits, but scare away the potential patients.


We commend our Scandinavian friends as they test drugs, and bring an element of science and logic to allow viewers a real perspective.


Remember to press CC in the bottom to see the English translation!


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