Throwback 2012: Liberals endorse Medical and Recreational Marijuana Legalization

 Medical Marijuana


The Liberal party of Canada, headed by Justin Trudeau, dared to challenge the war on drugs. Supporting ending the prohibition of marijuana. Thus enabling online dispensaries to function legally, as well as physical medical marijuana stores in Canada.

They overwhelmingly voted for a resolution regarding the legalization and regulation of marijuana (aka Cannabis) — a position also held by leader Bob Rae, at the time, it was uncertain what would come of it.
“Let’s face up to it, Canada, the war on drugs has been a complete bust,” Rae said in a concluding speech to the large Liberal renewal convention.
Prior to 2012, Liberals called for the decriminalization of marijuana, as did the NDP. The new call to legalize it completely and regulate its production and sale, much as is done with alcohol, was in stark contrast to the governing Conservatives.

In 2012, they made the decision to wholly support recreational marijuana, now 6 years later we are about to see their efforts come to life.
Wrapping up the convention, Rae heralded the moves as a sign the chastened Liberal party is reaching out and renewing itself after the party was reduced to a third-party rump with only 34 seats.
“We Liberals have clearly and emphatically said to the people of Canada: ‘We embrace change and we embrace all Canadians as we rebuild this great national party.”‘
“If you want to be part of a group of free-thinking, innovative, thoughtful, pragmatic, hopeful, positive, happy people, come and join the Liberal party,” he exhorted, adding with a chuckle, “And after the resolution on marijuana today, it’s going to be a group of even happier people in the Liberal party.”
Rae told delegates it makes no sense “to send another generation of young people into prison” for marijuana offenses when “the most addictive substances that are facing Canada today are alcohol and cigarettes.”
While they were willing to take some risks, delegates balked at a resolution calling on Canada to consider cutting its ties to the monarchy, an idea that would open a constitutional can of worms.
Both the marijuana and monarchy resolutions were put forward by the party’s youth wing, which argued that the Liberal party needed to advance bold ideas that are more reflective of young people if it is to revive.
“I think that there’s a certain amount of generational change happening in the party,” said Samuel Lavoie, president of the Liberal youth wing at the time, and his words are as true as ever in 2018.
“We’re willing to push the envelope and we have the numbers and we have the willpower to flex our muscles when it’s needed.”
With an overwhelming 77 percent of delegates voting for legalization, Lavoie predicted: “I think it is really difficult for anyone to just ignore the result and the will of the membership.”


In July 2018, we are to see his words come to fruition with marijuana legalization on the cusp of law, and CBD oil will be available to all.


At the time, representative thought Canadians may be comfortable with decriminalizing pot as a first step. However, Justin has decided to legalize marijuana first.

Speculation about Rae’s future was a constant buzz in the background of the convention. When he took the post of interim leader last May, the party’s national executive demanded — and Rae promised — not to seek the post permanently. However, the executive, with eight new members elected at the convention, could choose to remove the ban on Rae running for permanent leader and Rae has steadfastly refused to say whether he’d take the plunge. Fortunately, Justin Trudeau decided to run at the time.
At a joint news conference with Rae, Crawley said the 33-member executive will make decisions about leadership rules “over the next few months.” He reiterated his view that the interim leader would have to step aside if a decision was made to run in the leadership contest slated for the spring of 2013.
“I accept completely what Michael just said,” Rae added.

Thank god, we got Justin Trudeau and the events of 2012, are ready to capture Canadians. Thank you to everybody, buy weed online Canada, the days of mail order marijuana being legal both medically and recreationally are around the corner!


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