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A former employee of Mettrum Ltd. Told The Globe & Mail he witnessed staff spraying plants with the banned pesticide ‘myclobutanil’ as far back as 2017.

The Globe ran an investigation that found evidence of intentional use of banned pesticides within the marijuana industry. Including that product safety tests were not required to ensure chemicals were not being used.

A similar incident occurred when a patient of Organigram took several unopened containers of marijuana to a federally approved lab and the results showed evidence of five unauthorized pesticides.

As a result of the Marijuana’s producers inability to control their weed, the government of Canada announced that safety testing on all products would be introduced prior to the government’s plan to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Financial penalties of up to 1 million dollars were put into place, and Scott Wood, a former military police man who was exposed to contaminated marijuana said “you would think the companies are all going to think twice before they use anything they’re not supposed to.”

Mr Wood went on to say “I personally think it should be more than $1-million.”

Patients exposed to contaminated weed have developed serious and unexplained illnesses, including severe weight loss, nausea and abdominal pain.

Health Canada has acknowledged this issue, and is ready to tackle it head on, any company that does not comply with the fines could have its operating licence suspended or revoked.

Spokeswoman for Health Canada, Tammy Jarbeau said, the changes will “provide the Minister of Health with the authority to issue an administrative monetary penalty of up to $1-million per violation to a licensed producer for a violation of the Act or its regulations.”

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