What is Mail Order Marijuana?

When you think of buying weed online, the word “mail order marijuana” comes to mind. So let’s begin – what is mail order marijuana?


If you’re unfamiliar, this is the process of buying weed online and having it delivered by mail.


People often wonder,


What is Mail Order Marijuana and how does it work?


We have decided to break the process down plain and simple.


The way MJN Express work.


Because this is us, and we can’t speak for all mail order marijuana companies.


But we think our process is the most secure, and best way to buy weed online


Part 1: Preparing the cannabis


Like many businesses, mail order marijuana companies operate online.


The website is a visual place for consumers to browse various marijuana products.


2001, Health Canada put regulations in place to allow doctors the ability to prescribe marijuana


Now it’s 2017 and Canada’s mentality has shifted and we are on the brink of recreational marijuana legalization.


MJN was created, like most MOM’s to ensure Canadians had access to marijuana no matter where they lived.


So, our website, is a place those Canadians can browse for strains they may enjoy, or other products such as concentrates, edibles, vapes and more.


We source our products in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Which is known worldwide for it’s sticky and potent flowers.


After months of incubation, we prepare the flowers for shipment.


Along side our other product offerings, and begin accepting orders.


Part 2: Ordering Mail Order Marijuana



This is the simplest yet most confusing aspect of mail order marijuana companies.


Customers first navigate to their chosen MOM, like mjnexpress.shop


They then browse the catalogue.


Keep your eyes peeled for offers, such as our current “freejoint” coupon code!


After browsing the products, reading reviews and deciding which cannabis strain is best for you.


You must add the strain to your cart.


Find any other items you may like to include and put those in the cart.


If your cart amounts to $199 you’ll get free shipping!


Once everything is in your cart, visit the checkout.


This is where things get confusing.


You cannot pay on the website using credit card or paypal.

Credit Card Weed Online

There are multiple reasons for this, but it is an extremely confusing aspect for customers to comprehend.


Instead, you e-transfer your payment.


All credit card payment processors do not accept cannabis as an acceptable product, therefore this is the best way.


Once the customer has completed their purchase we place their order in a package ready to ship.


Then wait until the customer completes the e-transfer and it has been securely received.


Finally, we ship the item!


It goes express to the customer and only takes 2-3 days to be delivered.


We are proud of how fast we are able to ship marijuana across Canada.


Part 3: Receiving your Mail Order Marijuana


You are sitting at home, and just like that, you see a package has arrived.


Delivered by Canada Post, our marijuana arrives sealed and in discrete unlabelled packaging.

Customers love to receive their weed like this because it means nobody knows what they received.


It is also vacuum sealed, so there is no smell!


It looks like you have just received a book, but inside is the MJN Express order you made.


Simply open up the package and enjoy!



We hope this helped you understand the process behind Mail Order Marijuana in Canada.


If there are any questions, please direct those to any of our social media channels


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MJNExpress/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjnexpress1.0/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MJNExpress


Or email: [email protected]


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