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As much as dozens of marijuana websites are being created every day, it is sometimes difficult to get some very specific information on reddit marijuana. As you know, many websites are geared towards selling hence they will are biased towards information that may convert to sales later. If you are a marijuana user; whether recreational stoner or patient, you may need some very specific answers from time to time. For example, “How long does marijuana stay in your blood?”  This is a question that needs an immediate and direct answer, however, it may not be easily available on many cannabis websites. That is where Reddit comes in.

What Is Reddit

Reddit touts itself to be the “front page of the internet.”And sure enough, it is among the most popular websites in the world.

Reddit is a forum posting website that has different categories called subreddits. There are over one million of such, each covering a different area of interest such as cannabis, health, soccer, fashion, etc.

Reddit is managed by admins who are employees of Reddit. Subreddits are managed by moderators who are referred to as “mods” on Reddit slang.

Reddit is generally an information-sharing platform that allows users to ask and be asked questions on different subjects. Participants can upvote posts to increase the visibility of the posts or downvote the posts.

How To Use Reddit Marijuana

Reddit may appear confusing for a new user; it takes some getting used to. As a starter, you first need to create an account and choose a username. Once you do this you can select subreddit topics that are of interest to you such as marijuana trends, cannabis laws, holiday destinations, and any other topic.

This is what a Reddit page looks like:

You can create a post or search Reddit to find the information that you are looking for. To create a post, you will first need to choose a subreddit category and join it. The subreddit will give you directions on how to frame the post including what can/ cannot be asked, this will be shown on the right of the page. Subreddits will appear as a small r with a slash i.e r/weed, r/Canada, r/fashion, etc

The site generally uses an informal tone and users can ask anything including “stupid questions.”

Here are a few questions to start you off on your journey of exploring Reddit marijuana.

7 Common Questions Asked: Reddit Marijuana

1. What Is The Legal Age For Marijuana Reddit?

The legal age for recreational cannabis in Canada varies from one province to the other. However, 19 years cuts across all but two provinces. The legal age in Alberta is 18 years while that in Quebec was recently raised to 21 years.

If you search for the subreddit r/Canada, you will a post on “Quebec raises the legal age for cannabis from 18 to 21.”

2. Can You Grow Marijuana Reddit

In all provinces and territories apart from Quebec, residents can grow up to a maximum of four plants per residence. Note that this is per residence and not per adult in the residence.

In this subreddit r/Canada, a user enquires about “Quebec’s ban on growing cannabis at home unconstitutional.”

 Note that this is an open-ended question and other users are supposed to post their views on this issue.

This post has been discussed in 12 other communities with most comments being on the affirmative. 

 3. Reddit What Is THC?

By now, most posts on THC assume that “everyone” knows what THC is. THC is the short form of tetrahydrocannabinol which is the psychoactive compound in weed. This has been the center of a lot of medical and political controversy; the long-term detrimental effects are unclear. It is also the reason why marijuana has been outlawed in many countries. Psychoactive properties mean that THC alters one’s mental status and may impair judgment. THC may also negatively affect the developing brain and memory of teenagers.

Most Reddit communities have placed a ban on questions that may have “obvious answers” that can be looked up on Wikipedia or similar sites. Fortunately, the communities will give you hints on how to phrase your question to get community engagement.

For example, one subreddit on r/TheOCS reads “Can someone explain high vs low THC and high vs low CBD?”

From this discussion, you can understand what THC is and why it is a big deal. Moral of the story is, don’t shy away from asking “silly” questions, there is always a creative way to get anything from Reddit.

4. Will Marijuana Make Me High?

The answer to this is it depends. This is akin to asking “will alcohol make me high?”

Marijuana, unlike hemp, contains THC, the psychoactive compound in weed. Various factors such as your physiology, the amount of THC in the strain of weed, how much you take, the frequency with which you are taking it, and the method you use all come into play.

Marijuana will make anyone high if it has significant amounts of THC and they take enough of it to make them high.  Let’s see on Reddit how much is too much.

One subreddit on r/trees reads “How many milligrams of THC do I need in my edibles to get me as high as if I smoked it?”

You can check some of the comments here. Most comments are pointing back to the frequency of use, the amount, and individual factors.

5. Find Marijuana Stocks Reddit

Marijuana stocks have not been doing quite well, at least not as well as had been expected. But with a mix of enticingly low prices and the promise of a billion-dollar potential, time may be ripe for a purchase.

How do you go about finding the best marijuana stocks to purchase on Reddit?

In the subreddit r/weed stocks there is a recent video post about “Aurora Cannabis market stock research?, should we buy $ACB?”

One witty commenter gives this advice:

“Nobody wants to see anyone fail, but if the largest distributor of cannabis falls, there will be ample market share for competitors to claim. Pick your horse.”

6. How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Blood?

Perhaps you have an impending drug test and are wondering if you will ace it after taking marijuana. In Canada, this should not be a concern as marijuana is now legal.

But across in the US, things are different even though the inklings of change are on the horizon.

You may be able to find some random information about this from different websites. This will include factors such as the amount of THC taken, the frequency, how regular, individual factors, and level of physical activity. However, Reddit can give you some personal experiences to help you go about ensuring that you ace the drug test.

A subreddit on r/askreddit answers this question comprehensively. One particular comment caught my attention.

7. How To Quit Marijuana Reddit

The issue of marijuana addiction is controversial. However, most users have reported a form of psychological dependence after taking weed for a significant period.

There is a subreddit community that’s dedicated to helping people quit weed. This is better than trying to find online a few “helpful tips” from a random blogger who may not have tried weed in the first place.

8. Where To Buy Marijuana Online Reddit?

Once you get familiar with Reddit you will discover that most Reddit communities do not allow such questions with direct answers that don’t spark conversation.

However, you can frame the question to address a specific concern about buying marijuana online such as the legal repercussions across states and enforceability of attached penalties.

9. Reddit How To Buy Marijuana Online

Some of the subreddits that may answer this question adequately include r/weed or r/Canadian MOMs. A post in the later is titled “FACT: Canadians hate buying weed online.” The ensuing discussion is robust and revealing; it also divulges how to go about buying weed online in Canada and the experiences to anticipate.  

10.                  What Is Mail Order Marijuana Reddit

Mail order marijuana is an online delivery service for marijuana. The subreddit mentioned above r/Canadian MOMs is dedicated to mail order marijuana in Canada. Here you can ask anything that pertains to mail order marijuana in Canada.

Buying weed online comes with convenience and ease, but you miss out on the physical interaction with the budtender and getting to smell the buds before buying.

11.  To Find MOM Canada On Reddit

The subreddit r/Canadian MOMs gives a comprehensive list of mail order marijuana (MOM) in Canada. You can find the post here.

12. Best Strains Of Marijuana Reddit

You may be starting on weed and need a few pointers on which strains to try out. The subreddit r/trees have a few interesting discussions about the best weed strains to try out. Strawberry Cough and Pineapple Express seem to be doing well on this post.

Other Helpful Resources

Apart from Reddit Marijuana, you may also search Quora for helpful information on marijuana. Quora is a question and answer website that works in a similar, but less stringent, way to Reddit. Wikipedia does a good job at describing quora:

“Quora was evolving into “a more organized Yahoo Answers, a classier Reddit, an opinionated Wikipedia” and became popular in tech circles.

Once you register, it is easy to post questions and get answers from the quora community about anything that has to do with marijuana. Quora is also governed by rules on how/ what to post.


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