Weed Store: 10 Tips To Keep Your Buds Fresh For Longer

IntroductionWeed Store: 10 Tips To Keep Your Buds Fresh For Longer

Without these weed store tips, your resin filled buds are no good!

Picture this; you have invited your buddies over for a taste of the flavorful Bubba Kush. You expect that in a little while, the room will be filled with cheer and even your pretty chilled-out friends will be reeling on the floor amidst bouts of laughter. What an exciting way to wind down a hectic week!

You open your “well-stored stash” and the scent that stings your nostrils is all-too-familiar; bud rot has invaded your stash. What do you now do with the evening and your enthused friends? Unfortunately, not much can be done at this point other than dump the buds in the trash can.  

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Cannabis buds don’t go stale, however when not properly stored they can either become too dry/brittle to be consumed or they can rot. On the flip side, buds that are stored well will remain flavorful and potent for a very long time. This also means that your buds will retain their medicinal properties for as long as…27000 years.

1.0  What Causes Weed To Degrade?

As mentioned earlier, weed degrades in two ways; it either completely dries out or it absorbs too much moisture which creates an environment for bud rot and pests to thrive. Several factors precipitate either of these situations:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air circulation
  • Light

When either of these factors is out of balance your weed will start degrading gradually. The proper way to store weed involves regulating these factors so that they are at the optimum level at all times.

Also, when weed is not stored properly stored it will lose potency, smell, and taste. Smoking this weed will be like smoking a tasteless and valueless herb.

2.0 How To Store Weed

2.1.1 Weed Store Tip 1: Avoid Plastic Tins

Plastic bags are cheap and widely available, they are also convenient to use and they tend to lock well. As opposed to glass, most plastics are not transparent creating a solution for those who want to be discreet. Due to this, many people turn to them as the ideal cannabis storage solution. A few head shops will even sell their buds in these plastic tins, but this is not a good practice and here’s why.

If you have worn a nylon shirt or dress you might have experienced some sort of “current” when the nylon rubs against your skin. This is referred to as static energy.

Plastics have a lot of this static energy and this can draw out trichomes from your buds. What this means is that your buds will lose potency over time. Buds stored in plastic jars will also lose their unique scent over time. Tangerine Dream which should be a very sweet smelling strain will have a flat smell at best when stored in plastic for a long time.  

2.1.2 Weed Store Tip 2: Use Airtight Glass Jars

Glass jars are the solution for proper cannabis storage. Unlike plastic, glass does not produce static energy meaning that the resinous glands will be left intact.

Glass is also easy to clean and does not absorb odors from the environment. This makes it easy for the buds to maintain their authentic taste and scent. Glass, unlike plastic, is not breathable. This helps to reduce moisture buildup in the container and prevent mold formation. Glass offers a reliable solution for how to store your weed long term.

When purchasing glass jars to store your weed, make sure you go for jars that are airtight and have ultraviolet protection. In this way, you will only have temperature left to worry about. But again, don’t worry because at the end of this article you will find solutions on how to have all your bases covered.

2.1.3 Weed Store Tip 3: Keep Away From Direct Light

Light is another factor that degrades weed and it, therefore, needs to be addressed if your buds are to remain fresh and vibrant.

Once you have placed your weed in airtight glass jars you need to store the jars away from direct light. This could be in a cabinet that can close shut or somewhere in a store that has little access to sunlight.

Direct sunlight will cause your buds to sweat and this will increase moisture content. And as you may know by now, high moisture in cannabis = bud rot.  Most importantly UV rays will cause the degradation of cannabinoids over time, making them lose potency.

2.1.4 Weed Store Tip 4: Do Not Freeze The Buds

If you have “run a kitchen” you are probably wondering whether you should store your cannabis in the freezer just like you would store your veggies.  Never do this if you care for your precious trichomes. Extreme temperatures will cause the trichomes to break off. Buds stored in the fridge or freezer will become brittle and less potent. Surprisingly, the fluctuations in temperatures in the fridge may speed up the degradation process.

2.1.5 Weed Store Tip 5: Maintain Ideal Temperatures

The ideal temperature for storing cannabis is something between 77° and 86° F. At these temperatures your buds will stay fresh for longer.

When the temperature exceeds the set parameters the buds will dry out and become brittle. Essential oils in the buds will also dry out and this creates harsh smoke when ingested. High temperatures will cause the buds to sweat and this increases moisture content. This creates an environment for molds and pests to thrive.

On the flip side, very low temperatures will cause the trichomes to break off. This means that your weed will lose potency, similar to what happens when you store weed in the fridge.

2.1.6 Weed Store Tip 6: Maintain Ideal Humidity

Humidity control is the key to preventing bud rot. Humidity is such a precise science for cannabis that every stage of development requires a different set of humidity levels. If this is not in check the buds will fail to thrive and start to die.

Once buds have matured they will require humidity of 58%- 62% to maintain their potency, flavor, smell, and freshness.

A couple of tips can be employed to ensure maximum humidity control. First, make sure your storage containers are non-breathable; this will help to reduce moisture build up from the buds perspiration. Keeping the storage jars from direct sunlight as well as maintaining adequate temperatures all help in stabilizing humidity. Investing in a hygrometer will help you monitor humidity fluctuations in your storage container. However, do not be tempted to use a tobacco humidor as this will affect the terpene profile of your buds.

2.1.7 Weed Store Tip 7: Maintain Ideal Air Circulation

We talked of airtight jars, but does this mean that your buds should be completely deprived of air? This is not the case; you should just restrict the amount of air getting into your cannabis jars. When the buds are overstuffed, they will sweat out and this will increase the relative humidity in the jar. When the air is too much, the cannabinoids will begin to degrade causing the buds to lose potency. It is recommended that one fills the jars ¾ ways full to allow adequate air circulation in the cannabis storage jars.

3.0 How To Store Weed Long-Term

Weed Store Tip 8: Invest In Premium Cannabis Storage Bags

As you may have noticed by now, creating the ideal environment that will ensure the freshness of your buds is a tricky affair.  Most of the factors that cause the weed to degrade are weather elements whose fluctuations may be hard to control.

If you are a regular user of cannabis the best course of action to take might be to invest in premium cannabis storage bags. These bags are custom-built to create an ecosystem that is conducive to cannabis buds. This will include humidity, temperature, light, and air control, and anti-microbial properties.

Integra Boost cannabis storage bags feature moisture control solutions that prevent buds from rotting or drying out. They are available on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

4.0 How To Store Weed Without Smell

Weed Store Tip 9: Invest In Skunk Proof storage containers

Another thing that people consider when storing cannabis is odor control. Admittedly, most cannabis strains will have a skunky scent that is anything but appealing. This scent can linger on walls for months.

The other issue is also discretion. There are a good number of reasons that may make a person want to be discreet about using cannabis; stigma being one of them.

Fortunately, there are a good number of solutions in the market when it comes to cannabis odor control. Mylar bags are cannabis storage bags that lock in the odor to ensure that the scent remains right where it should be. Here are a few suggestions for odor control bags that you can peruse through. Alternatively, you can always use this solution available on the OCS to dissipate the skunky odor from the environment.

5.0 The Best Way To Store Weed

Weed Store Tip 10: Mold Resistant Strains

We have almost exhausted the different ways through which you can keep your weed fresh throughout the storage period. But here is one last thing; start with the right strain.

Did you know that some weed strains are less prone to bud rot and degradation? They are called mold-resistant strains.

Cannabis strains that do well in wet conditions are likely to have mold-resistant traits, especially the landrace varieties. Landrace strains are indigenous to certain regions and will generally be hardier as compared to hybrid strains.

Some hybrid strains are also mold-resistant. Durban Poison is a pure Sativa hybrid that’s mold-resistant; Brazil Amazonia is a pure Indica hybrid that is also mold resistant.

Starting with such strain will greatly reduce your struggle with keeping mold and bud rot at bay.

6.0 Where To Buy Weed In Ontario

Now that cannabis is legal for both medicinal and recreational use in Canada, there is a buzz of shops that stock different cannabis products. Buying weed online is also another option, especially when you live far away from a weed dispensary. Unfortunately, the market is still largely unregulated; this means that you need to be careful with where you source your weed from.

If you live in Ontario, you can try stores such as Tweed, Canna Cabana, and Ganjika house. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has more suggestions here.

If you are looking to buy weed online in Ontario, you could try the Ontario Cannabis Store.

6.1.1 Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

OCS is Ontario’s only online cannabis retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational cannabis in Ontario. On their online platform, you can access all sorts of cannabis products for recreational as well as medicinal use. To purchase from here, you will need to be 19 years or older. You will not need a medical card to purchase from OCS.

OCS stocks dried cannabis flowers, pre-rolled, oils, and capsules among other products and accessories. Buying from OCS is convenient because they offer a wide range of products. Also, note that OCS is a government-operated store, this implies that all their products have to meet the set safety threshold.

6.1.2 Which Is The Best Weed Store Toronto Has?

It would be hard to settle on one store as the best cannabis store in Toronto.  If you live in Toronto, remember that you can still order weed online from OCS. Alternatively, you can try this Yelp Resource.

6.1.3 Is There A weed Dispensary Near Me?

Thanks to technology there are many resources that you can use to get the closest weed dispensary to your location. Weed Maps is always a reliable resource, you can check their page right here.

We have our online dispensary Canada, MJNExpress ready for you.

Before settling on the best weed store to purchase your cannabis products from, make sure that it is licensed and is abiding by the provincial regulations for cannabis in that region. Ask important questions such as:

·        How much THC

·        How much CBD

·        Extraction method

·        Organic farming practices

·        Good manufacturing practices

These are a few useful tips to help you locate the best weed store to be ordering your cannabis from.


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