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Best Ontario Weed Online, Ontario was one of the first provinces to hit the ground running after the legalization of recreational cannabis. Because of this, it’s surprising that there are so many people who are still not pleased with the whole situation in Ontario. Weed online sales still seem to rake in the most revenue. B

Why is that? Is there a lack of retail stores? Are online weed places cheaper? Is it more comfortable to buy online? The truth is that it’s a combination of all of the above. Buy Weed Online Ontario.

Local Legislation and Where to Buy Weed Online in Ontario

There are a couple of simple rules to follow when buying weed online. Ontario doesn’t ask for much, only to be 19 years of age when placing an order.

There are also laws to follow with regard to consumption. Here’s a list of places where it’s legal to smoke weed in Ontario:

  • Private residences
  • Sidewalks and certain parks
  • Residential vehicles
  • Research and testing facilities
  • Designated smoking areas

These locations also apply to vaping. 

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But, the greater province laws may not apply to every small corner of Ontario.

It’s the same everywhere else in Canada. As a parallel, the laws in Alberta are quite liberal. But not so in the largest city of Calgary, where public cannabis use is banned with the exception of designated smoking areas.

Where to Buy Online Weed? Ontario Hosts Plenty of Online Options

In early 2019, there were over 20 retail weed dispensaries in Ontario, with the promise of at least 50 more to be opened by the end of the year. 

The number of stores has grown over time, though much slower than anticipated despite the powerful initial presence in Ontario. Weed online sales still outperform those of brick and mortar locations.

And, it’s not surprising given how difficult it has been to get a retail cannabis dispensary license in the province. 

If anyone wants to buy weed online, Ontario offers OCS as the main source, with other privately-run online dispensaries the alternative sources, if one knows where to find them. Hint: They are established in other provinces.

Where to Order Weed Online – Ontario Buyer Tips

There are only two choices for someone who doesn’t live anywhere near a cannabis store in Ontario. Weed online is sold by either privately-run online dispensaries or government-run dispensaries known as crown corporations. 

Are there differences between the two? There are a few. Privately-owned and operated stores tend to stock more strains, including the hybrid variety

Furthermore, many online dispensaries have also been offering edible products and topical products since before the passage of new regulations that govern them.

This is important to note as OCS, the aforementioned primary online supplier of cannabis in Ontario, is a crown corporation, which tends to have a more limited selection of products in general. Luckily, ordering online from outside the province is not illegal.

When ordering weed from an Ontario store, the minimum age requirements have to be met, which is to be expected. 

This is good because the legal age is 19, pretty much the same as the rest of the country. Very few provinces allow sales to 18-year-olds. 

That said, the legal age has been lowered considerably in some areas, as it used to be 18 to 21 across the country immediately post-legalization.

Requirements and How to Buy Weed Online Ontario Region

To buy from MJNExpress, there are five very simple things any customer must do:

  • Be of legal age to buy weed online in Ontario
  • Create an account on the website
  • Attach a high-definition image of a qualifying photo ID 
  • Wait for the completion of the verification process
  • Place an order

It’s important to understand that MJNExpress, like many other online shops, ships packages through Xpresspost. There may be longer transit times to remote areas.

Is MJNExpress a Valid Option for Ordering Cannabis?

MJNExpress is one example of private online stores that people turn to if they don’t know where to buy weed online in Ontario.

Like most legal stores these days, MJNExpress does a good job of providing plenty of options when it comes to strains and hybrids. 

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And the merchandise is good too. That’s because all online and retail dispensaries are obligated to buy from licensed growers who are bound by federal legislation to grow cannabis under optimum conditions for mass consumption.

If someone doesn’t want to support the existing government monopoly in Ontario, weed online can be found elsewhere too. And, unlike Ontario retail dispensaries, other online and retail stores don’t have to rely on OCS as their supplier. 

LCBO is Not an Alternative 

A lot of people are confused about LCBO and where it stands in regard to buying weed in Ontario. Weed online is sold by private and crown corporations. 

While it’s true that OCS or the Ontario Cannabis Store was once a subsidiary of LCBO, the two companies don’t sell the same products.

OCS was created to separate LCBO from the cannabis niche. Although the top executives at LCBO wanted to make the company the main source for people in the region to buy weed online, Ontario was a bit out of luck.

However, the federal Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation made a different suggestion while keeping things under government control. That’s to separate the distribution of alcohol and cannabis under different brands.

The newly formed OCS, however, didn’t last long as a subsidiary, as it was quickly transferred to under the Ontario Ministry of Finance. This is the reason why OCS no longer has any ties to LCBO, which doesn’t sell or promote weed products.

The Future of the Ontario Weed Online Industry

By late 2019, a proposed suggestion by the top officials of OCS has generated a lot of buzz. Namely, the idea of allowing the private sector to shoulder the load of distribution rights across Ontario. 

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There’s a lot of meat on this bone, even though nothing has been unveiled as to when and how this would happen. 

But, the discussions and rumours, as well as the media coverage, were enough to breathe new life into the legal recreational weed movement.

For Ontario, the sales of weed online will likely go up if this idea comes to fruition. And, it’s possible that more provinces might follow suit. 

So far, the government’s attempts at regulating the distribution of recreational cannabis have caused stock prices to take a few hits and the people to express their frustration.

If You Want to Know Where to Buy Weed in Ontario Online Registries Might Help

Any municipal website should have information about where to legally buy weed online, Ontario included. However, government websites should also direct users to the retail stores, if there are any in the region, and to the main online supplier.

In the case of Ontario, weed online sales always go through OCS one way or another. Therefore, it may be useful to read up on private, non-governmental weed dispensary registers.

Websites like weedmaps and wheresweed are likely to offer more unbiased results. Even though Ontario residents aren’t obligated to buy weed online only from OCS, the authorities don’t exactly advertise the fact that it’s ok to buy from online dispensaries established in other provinces.

How to Get Weed in Ontario as a Tourist

Tourists don’t have it as easy as everyone thinks. Because of a combination of poor infrastructure and communication, Canada doesn’t do a lot to inform tourists of their options, when in fact there are quite a few as follows:

  • Retail dispensaries
  • Online marijuana dispensaries
  • Online weed store registries
  • Physical luxury tours for marijuana hotspots

While the Tourism Industry Association of Canada hasn’t bet heavily on the recreational cannabis industry just yet, it’s slowly starting to take notice.

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That said, there are still dangerous waters to navigate as a tourist. Just because someone knows where to buy weed online in Ontario doesn’t mean that that package comes with an attached pamphlet indicating the carry limit or where it’s legal to smoke.

If You Need to Buy Weed Online Ontario Has a Great Selection

Perhaps it’s not the most accurate statement to say that you can find anything and everything in Ontario. Weed online is available in any province even if the order is placed in some other part of the country.

That said, given the liberal laws concerning smoking in public areas and the low minimum age requirements, Ontario can be a haven for recreational cannabis seekers, tourists or otherwise. And, it also has the potential to become a business haven for anyone that wants to be a part of the industry. Buy Weed Online Canada.


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