How mice stole 13,000 pounds of cannabis, or not?

Eight cops in Argentina World Health Organization believe they were robbed and are desperate for answers.

They placed the blame on mice and claimed the rodents Ate a lot of marijuana that had gone missing. 13,000 Pounds of Cannabis was left in the warehouse. The cannabis was assumed to be missing once police in Argentina were alerted.

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Javier Specia, the previous commissioner, had left 13,000 pounds of cannabis unsigned once stepping down from his post one year past. The successor to him conducted a hunt with officers and located that 0.5 a lot of the substance was missing.

Food specialists from port University believed that there’s no means that the mice would have mistaken the cannabis for food. They went on to mention that whether or not the mice had found it and thought it absolutely was food they might have found a large cluster of dead mice within the warehouse, once ingesting it.

The cannabis had been hold on 60km from port for about 2 years. 6,000kg was on hold and registered however upon scrutiny solely five, 460kg was found remaining within the warehouse.

Upon noticing the large shortage commissioner, Emilio Portero notified the inner affairs department, and that they created Associate in Nursing scrutiny of the warehouse. Specia and 3 cops were known as before they decided Adrian Gonzalez Charvay, and 3 men gave the identical clarification for the missing cannabis, the mice had ingested it. currently the four cops are known as before the decide to testify on might four. the duty of the decide are to seek out out if the missing cannabis is that the results of negligence by the police.

Specia is additionally staring at facing an inside investigation as he has did not believe the officers sworn statement. The case suggests that each the eight cops and commissioner took the missing cannabis and had lived off the profits once sold on the streets. On the opposite hand, there are several dazed and confused mice living on the streets of the port.

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