BuyMyWeedOnline vs MJNExpress

Although weed has been legal in Canada since late 2018, many people throughout Canada still don’t have access to a local dispensary. Even for those who do, supplies are often limited. Retail pot shops have limitations on how much product they can order at one time, and many locations sell out the same day they receive their shipment.

All of this has led to an increase in online dispensaries in Canada. Buying weed online in Canada is legal if you are 19 and have a Canadian address. But where should you buy from? As with any online purchase, you have to do your research. It’s common for new businesses to make big claims to get the sale and then not follow up with a quality product or good customer service.

BuyMyWeedOnline vs MJN Express

Two of the major players in the online dispensary market are BuyMyWeedOnline and MJN Express. If you’ve run across either of these websites, you may be wondering which the better purchasing decision is.

When buying weed online, you should consider several factors, including product quality, cost, selection of products available, shipping options, customer service, and the people behind the website.

A trustworthy website will also be transparent about who you’re buying from and whether they are experts in the industry. You want to choose a company that can answer your questions about the best products for your individual needs. For example, do you know if an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid is best for you?


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Why Buy From MJN Express

MJN Express was founded by Mackenzie Waiters, who started with a dream of making it easy and convenient for Canadians to buy weed online. Having experienced frustrating online purchases in the past, he knew there had to be a better way for Canadians to get reliable access to high-quality cannabis products.

The MJN Express team includes some of the most qualified and professional individuals in the naturopath world, including over 10 doctors who regularly review research, share the latest news, and help our customers select the best products for managing chronic pain and other conditions such as PTSD.

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