Buy weed online using MJNExpress to order cannabis. Trust us for our history- thousands of Canadians use us as their online dispensary! Known for having a loyal and returning customer base, we understand that buying weed online can often be difficult. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that your order with us is just the opposite.

We are one of Canada’s top weed delivery services with years of experience providing Canadians with low prices, wide selection, and outstanding service. Our huge facility allows us to have all orders delivered in under 3 days! MJN Express’ mission is to get all Canadian smokers to experience the superior way of accessing cannabis products: ordering online.

MJNExpress has been featured on Business Insider, Daily Hive, HERB, and more. 

 WeedMaps regards us as one of the most popular delivery services across all of Canada’s provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia.

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Our aim is to provide the very best medical marijuana products at the lowest possible prices. Our store is open 24/7, allowing you to buy marijuana online anywhere in Canada from the comfort of your home. Don’t think twice, just buy weed!

MJNExpress offers mail order marijuana, also known as ‘MoM’: meaning we are an online dispensary all about helping Canadians get easy access to weed. We sell a huge variety of strains in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, THC, and CBD dominant phenotypes. Shipping is always safe, secure, and discreet, Canada-wide. This means you can enjoy the highest quality cannabis products for your medical marijuana needs, including cannabis extracts and cannabis concentrates, with absolutely no hassle.

We pride ourselves on the incredible service we provide to our customers. Orders and payments are processed quickly, with products usually being out the door within the same day. 

How to get weed online? 

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re already halfway there. Ordering weed online is as simple as ordering anything online; simply browse the store, put your desired products in the cart, pay, and eagerly await your package of quality cannabis products!

All of our mail order marijuana products are shipped through Canada Post and arrive within 2-3 business days, meaning once you’ve placed your order, you can sit back and relax while you wait for your quality cannabis to arrive with the rest of your (considerably more boring) mail.

Still not sure? Ask us any questions you have through email! We’ve modeled our customer service specifically around the cannabis customer, because we learned the hard way what it can be like to buy from an online weed store. MJN Express knew purchasing cannabis in Canada could be a better experience – so we made it a reality!

Whether you have questions regarding how to order marijuana online, or anything at all from the strains we offer to how to put products in the cart, don’t hesitate to contact our next-level customer service team today. They’ll point you in the right direction to make buying from the best online dispensary in Canada a breeze!


Buy Weed Online

Buy weed online Canada- it’s never been easier to buy mail order weed online! Browse our extensive product line of cannabis flowerconcentratesediblesvapes, and more! Then simply add products to your ‘Shopping Cart’. Don’t forget- we offer Free Shipping on orders $199+!

Proceed to ‘Checkout’ with your shopping cart full of medical marijuana goodies. Simply enter your name, email, address, password & complete order. We will automatically create an account for you!

Pay for your order via Interac e-transfer. As soon as we process your payment, we will ship your order right away. Online dispensary shipping is secure, discreet, and best of all- it only takes 2-3 days!

All orders are shipped in the plainest packaging possible, so you don’t have to worry about your cohabitants or coworkers judging you for buying mail order marijuana. It’s completely trackable as it comes through Canada Post, meaning you know where your package is at each step of its shipping journey.

Everyone Should Have Access To Affordable Medicine

Access our Medicine. We are not the OSC, LCBO weed, or Ontario Cannabis Store, we are a private medical marijuana online dispensary (not government run), acting for Canadian Health since the law reform. Ultimately, our goal is to allow customers to buy weed online as safely, securely, and easily as possible. We recommend you consult a doctor or naturopath before considering marijuana as a medicinal tool, though wholly believe in its benefits as a natural remedy for many ailments.


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Sativa is best known for its ability to provide an active high, without the ‘couch-locked’ effect of Indica dominant strains. This is often referred to by smokers as a “head high” or “mind high”, defined by B.Dave Oomah. Often used by those looking for an anxiety-relieving high, it keeps you energized, productive, and acts as a stimulating psychoactive for those looking to smoke during their daily life.


Indica is generally the most popular choice among many consumers. This is because it brings a strong, euphoric high that sparks creativity. It also often is known for the “body high” it provides and the ‘couch-lock’ effect that accompanies it. Enabling introspection, Indica is a great stress relief, appetite stimulant, and insomnia relief.


Hybrid strains are the product of breeding indica-dominant and sativa-dominant plants. If you would like to experience a little bit of both worlds, this is the recommended category to try. It provides the user with a combination of indica’s pain relief and creativity, alongside Sativa’s anxiety relief and productivity. While providing slightly less of each characteristic, Hybrids are a fantastic way to explore your mind using Cannabis.

Online Dispensary Canada

Our dispensary is designed for Canadians to shop for products they may have difficulty finding elsewhere by offering an enormous variety of options. From edibles to your favorite flower strain and an unbeatable range of extracts and oil, we’ve got all the best cannabis products you could ever possibly need. MJN are widely known for making it easy on customers to discreetly receive packages to their doorstep.

The ability for customers to order online enables us to stock a wider variety of strains than your typical dispensary from different regions and provinces. Nothing is stored too long and we have the quickest shipping times as packages are sent via Canada Post straight to your door. Many Canadians find using an online dispensary helpful as they have elevated customer loyalty programs and ongoing support, with unbeatable pricing and opportunities to save.

Marijuana Canada

Marijuana in Canada has exploded over time, with the nation becoming one of the first to offer legal weed on a federal level, and propelling the industry to the world stage for variety and strains. While differing between each province, smoking strains has enabled people to choose where to select, and receive their products from.

Dispensaries originated for medicinal patients and those remain their predominant clientele, however the shift in legalization in Canada has shifted perspectives. The stigma around cannabis consumption has largely been lifted and the name dispensary is an out-dated word to describe a very modern and constantly evolving industry.

Order Weed Online

Over time people have found MJN Express by a simple search, subscribed, and supported our growing marketplace. This enabled us to offer the largest variety of strains to become the best online cannabis store. Excellent customer service, as well as age, have made MJN the most trusted place to order from.

We constantly help our community with new ways to save; if you subscribe to our newsletters, you’ll find weekly offers such as discounts on quality products and free shipping. 

Rated 5-stars, we love to make customers happy, which is why we automatically offer a free gift with every sign up! Sign up or contact us today if you have any questions.

Cheap Weed? Or High Quality Weed?

Buying the lowest prices of weed online in Canada or choosing the highest quality weed? This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another. So, is it truly worth buying high quality online marijuana?

It’s really not a simple decision, however with the right dispensary, it is! Some are able to offer pricing that beats out their competition with a much higher quality product, and therefore have made customers choice simple. We have a strain section called ‘just cheap ounces’ which enables low-price seekers to find the cheapest ounces online. Meanwhile, connoisseurs can browse the more ‘high-end’ range of strains to find one which suits their needs.

MJNExpress have got you covered, regardless of what price point you’re looking at when purchasing weed. We only stock the most high quality products on the market, regardless of price. So you can rest assured knowing that even if you’re looking to get weed on a budget, you can still receive the best buds in the country through us.

Struggling with which strain to go for or perceived trade-off between quality and price? No worries. Just get in touch with our stellar customer service team, who can give you all the best deals and prices on our high quality range.

Rewards Program

At MJNExpress, we have an out-of-this-world rewards scheme to ensure that we give back to the customers that help us to thrive. If you have a registered account with us, every $1 spend = 1 point. Review one of our products? Bam, that’s another 5 points in the bank. Registering with us for the first time? Boom, there’s 20 points right off the bat!

Every 20 points = $1 off your order. So, you can either save those up and use them all in one go for a blow-out order of the very best cannabis products, or take a dollar off here and there on your regular orders. The choice is yours! Points are redeemable on all products throughout our store, so you’re never limited when it comes to discounts.

At MJNExpress we strive to make cannabis as accessible as possible, which is exactly why we offer this rewards scheme.

Best Online Dispensary 2020

The top dispensary in Canada is MJN Express, with other well known alternatives like Ganja Expressbudmailbuymyweedonline and budexpressnow.

We believe the formula for being the best is a mixture of offering the lowest pricing and highest quality, in conjunction with excellent customer support. With 5-star ratings across the board, we think our website really speaks for itself in showing you what a pleasant experience buying weed on the web can be!

We want to make the customer experience as streamlined as possible, which is why we pour all of our focus into these three categories. Our product range has people across all provinces signing up like crazy and recommending us to all their pot-smoking friends. Every time we send a new customer a gift, we feel like we’re receiving a gift too! We hope each and every experience with our store feels this way for you, too. Happy shopping!


Fantastic quality weed, short delivery time usually within 2 days of order depending on what day you order on, better than “ganja express” and “bud mail”. Very simple etransfer payments and trustworthy service! I would highly recommend mjnexpress too anyone wanting cannabis in Canada.

cdiixon / WeedMaps

Been using this site for almost a year and never had any issues! Fast delivery, great quality products. 5/5 I really recommend this site to everyone. Ontario Cannabis Store, won’t ever come close. The Ontario Government needs to step it up.

Gingerdan / WeedMaps

Love MJN! They always provide excellent service in the way of pricing, shipping and answering any and all questions you may have. Extremely knowledgable about their products and they have awesome giveaways!

layamcleod / WeedMaps

Online vs Physical Dispensaries

So by now, you’re probably wondering- what’s the difference between an online and a physical dispensary? Well, let us take you on a quick tour around the world of marijuana dispensaries.

Less Variety at Physical Dispensaries

Physical dispensaries are essentially controlled by the provincial government in which they reside. Cities won’t give licenses to physical dispensaries that aren’t officially registered with the provincial government- simple as that. This may not seem like an issue to you, as they still sell weed at the end of the day. Right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While you can still get quality kush from brick-and-mortar dispensaries, you will only ever experience the same weed regardless of what dispensary you go to. This is because all physical dispensaries must get their stock from the official, provincial government-owned farms.

Obviously, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, other than your selection is limited and will ultimately get boring after a couple trips. The stock they carry is limited to only a small range, whereas online dispensaries can grow as much as they like in all kinds of experimental strains.

Better Customer Service Online

It may seem counter-intuitive, but buying online usually means you receive better customer service.

At MJNExpress especially, all of our team are not only general customer service experts, but also marijuana experts. This means you only receive the very best support on any and all issues relating to the process of buying weed online. In physical stores, most staff are only trained in one or the other, meaning it can be more difficult to get your questions answered.

With a team of the very best customer support specialists, MJNExpress will answer all queries quickly and efficiently to ensure you can order the best products for you in the quickest time.

Best Prices

Because physical stores are somewhat government-run, you’ll find it rare that they offer discounts on their products. They offer the same standard products at the same standard prices, all year round. This is fine for consistency, but it means you never get the thrill of going all out and ordering something exciting when you see an email with a great offer inside.

By going through the internet to get weed, you open yourself up to the world of discounts and free shipping!


Physical dispensaries, by nature, require you to brave the harsh weather and take time out of your day to travel to your nearest one. With brick-and-mortar weed stores being few and far between, this often means a large chunk of your day has disappeared to getting your kush fix.

By ordering through our website, the process is made much quicker. You simply browse and buy the products that are right for you, and then they simply arrive a couple days later. Tah-dah! No more trudging through the snow for an hour to get to your nearest dispensary. What a dream.