LCBO weedLCBO Weed

LCBO weed is a derivative term, which in long form is – The Liquor Control Board of Ontario & Weed. As of October 17th, the Ontario government has started selling Cannabis through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

You may be wondering what is ‘LCBO Cannabis’ doing? it’s the government’s way of regulating the distribution of Cannabis through their own stores. However, there are Canada-wide medicinal dispensaries that ship across the country like ours. With better rates, faster shipping (2-3 days), and a bigger selection.

History of the LCBO

A once-illegal substance. Heated debate about whether the public should be allowed to buy it in government-operated stores. Finally, the decision to make it available to those deemed responsible enough to consume it. When the first stores open in select communities, there are long lineups.

Some customers gratefully grab their products; others grumble about the confusing new rules, the stock shortages, the unfairness of government monopolies.

No, the substance in question is not marijuana, and this is not a vision of what might happen in Ontario when the first LCBO-run weed stores get up and running in 2018. This is how the LCBO’s first day of business unfolded on June 1, 1927.

After 11 years of prohibition, thirsty customers lined up for hours to buy legal liquor. The first outlets were nothing like the boutique liquor stores of today.

The original system was designed to make the experience of purchasing alcohol feel as shameful as possible, and to allow the province to pry into the private habits of Ontarians.

Temperance-minded newspapers hated what they saw that first week. “The thirsty queues of humanity stretching to every liquor store, including men and women, are not only not edifying,”

Globe editorial observed, “but are disgraceful street scenes, a spectacle long to be remembered by a youthful generation which has not learned about booze.”

The stores, generally located away from main streets, resembled banks. Clerks were stationed behind wire grills. New customers could not simply approach them, though: first, they had to be vetted by an LCBO employee

This employees job was to determine whether they were moral enough to deserve an annual purchasing permit.


LCBO Cannabis

It looks like 2018 is shaping up to not look dissimilar to the original prohibition. However, we won’t be screening people – simply the postage carrier will require an ID when delivering cannabis products to customers doorsteps.

Buy weed online – as the LCBO stores won’t be in place yet. Not until late-2019.