Can Canadian’s – Buy Weed Online in Canada?

If you’re Canadian and looking to – buy weed online in Canada, look no further than MJN Express, Canada’s top online dispensary (rated by WeedMaps).


Many Canadians wonder, is buying weed online illegal? Is buying weed online legal? What is mail order marijuana?


Well, we can solve all your questions.


Buying weed online is neither legal nor illegal, but if you are a patient who requires medical marijuana, then no problem.


All our weed is sold to whoever has a need for it. Then shipped discretely via Canada post, and arrives in only 2-3 days.


Mail order marijuana, is exactly what is sounds like. Mailing marijuana to recipients who pay our online dispensary.


Residents can buy weed online in Canada from MJN Express


We ship anywhere in Canada, and most of our loyal customers are located in the following locations:


Toronto, Ontario Weed


The biggest city in Canada! When people say they live in Toronto, the next questions is “which suburb 15 minutes out of Toronto do you actually live”


Because let’s face it, the surrounding GTA is extremely populated and holds most people who live in Toronto.


With the recent move by governments to restrict the purchasing of weed and shut down dispensaries. We recommend ordering from MJN Express for all your weed, edibles, concentrates, live resin, etc…


Montreal, Quebec Weed


If you speak French, translate our website, or just look at the pictures.


Cannabis strains names are universal, as leafly and other cannabis sites will help you discover the type of weed that’s best for you.


Sativa or Indica, we’re all talking the same language.


The winters in Montreal are brutal, and walking even a few blocks can be exhausting.


Ordering weed lets you keep all your home comforts, and get much better quality cannabis.


Weed doesn’t grow in snow.


Get the fresh pot in 2 days!


Vancouver, British Columbia Weed


MJN Express have deep roots in Vancouver, with much of our production occurring in the west coast.


Vancouver is perfect for growing cannabis, as it’s more temperate climate facilitates the growth of strong marijuana strains.


Moreover, British Columbia’s more relaxed view of weed has allowed it to feel virtually legal.


On every corner, there is now a dispensary and a sushi restaurant.


Calgary, Alberta Weed


Calgary has an extremely volatile climate, with more of a conservative population dispensaries have not grown to the same level of popularity.


Not to mention, in a Calgary winter ordering weed to have it delivered in only 2 days makes it worth it.


We love Alberta and Alberta are starting to love weed!


Ottawa, Ontario Weed


The capital of Canada, like everywhere else, loves to order weed online.


Ontario is going to change with legislation that is going to pass in Ontario.


To read more about buying weed in Ontario


Simply follow this link


Winnipeg, Manitoba Weed


The capital of Manitoba is no stranger to weed.


It was a trading center for aboriginal peoples, and has had cannabis as part of its identity for years.


Manitoba’s options to buy weed online in Canada are worth considering, because like much of Canada’s biggest cities, the weather is a hurdle.


For some, the idea of stale pot is enough for them to order from MJN Express


For others, the 2-3 day delivery is enough to convince them to buy weed from the internet.

Quebec City, Quebec Weed


Quebec city are looking for progressive moves.


Buying weed online is a progressive way to utilize e-transfer and e-commerce to fulfill patients needs.


Hoping that they will see reform that benefits consumers, Quebec City will continue to buy weed using the resources they have. Such as MJN Express!

Hamilton, Ontario Weed


Often overlooked as one of the largest cities in Canada, Hamilton comprises a large part of MJN Express customers.


We hope that Hamilton continues to buy weed online, and we hope they use us to do so.


MJN Express has close roots to Hamilton.


Other cities that you can buy weed online in Canada from are listed below:


  • Kitchener, Ontario
  • London, Ontario
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Oshawa, Ontario
  • Catharines, Southern Ontario
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Markham, Ontario
  • If your city is not on this list, but it has Canada Post – then we deliver there too!

Remember, buy weed online, and you can’t go wrong!